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Comment Re: legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 2) 582

that's also a problem that stems from driving too fast. but at least europeans tend to drive slower when the road conditions require it. also, these obstacles are only placed in areas, that are already low-speed (30km/h = 18mph limit). sure, you can drive arount those obstacles like a slalom-racer, but then you're violating the speed limit - and common sense - again. those limitation won't hold an idiot, but they'll give the rest of the population an incentive to think about what they are doing - and thus reducing the probability of accidents. and you'll probably avoid a surveilance state, where every "concerned" citizen uploads speed-trapping software to his webcam/smartphone, and hunts for sinners.

Comment Re: Pounds or dollars (Score 1) 255

I don't know how that system works in the u.k., but usually there are only a handful of people who do this censoring/rating stuff. and they have to be paid anyway, so swapping them out every hour would be even more expensive. unfortunately, £8500 doesn't get you a celluloid-transfer - and i'm pretty sure, he didn't even make a dcp-conversion to force them to use a proprietary media-server for playback. so they probably just told the projectionist to fast forward through the digital file. btw., i don't get his point. bohoo, it costs about the daily rental fees for a cinema-quality camera body for a feature film to get a rating? that's definitely a big deal. reality-update: film making is really, really expensive - when you're that far that you've got a completed feature film, worth showing, in your pocket, a £1000 fee is not going to stop you.

Comment Re: Dead tree technology (Score 1) 122

sure, just use a e-book managing software like calibre and save your books in multiple formats, including at least one plain text. i'd doubt that there won't be any scripts in 150 years, that will transfer yor .rtf, .txt, .epub,... whatver into the format du jour, as long as you don't keep it on then obsolete media. there's no problems reading more obscure formats (like c64 roms, e.g.) from 30 years ago today, let alone a simple text-file.

Comment make it user-selectable (Score 1) 235

nowadays you got the freedom to drive like an asshole - just give the car a user selectable setting, if it should preserve your life at all costs, preserve the life of others or make a decision that minimizes overall damage (but may harm you) - if you select the "me first" option, you are responsible for your car mowing down a row of krishnas. "simple" as that.

Comment Re: Who pays for cell service on Election Day? (Score 1) 490

yes. that cell reception is paid for the same way, emergency calls are paid for. government requirement for the cell providers, either financed by taxes or the customers of the providers. that won't be too expensive (again, see amazon's "free" cell service for downloading books)

Comment Re: SIgh (Score 1) 490

well, it should be as easy as getting cell reception (imagine something like small cryptographic device with an lcd-screen and a 3g modem simalar to the one in amazon's kindles that work in most part of the world). if you don't even get that to work, your vote doesn't count - like when you're somewhere on holiday away from even a letterbox. of course there'd be a longer period over which one could cast one's vote. voting on something on a day per day basis would be stupid.

Comment Re: sounds nice, but (Score 1) 490

p.s.: but there you have it: you'd probably need the people to pay much more taxes until one system has repaced the other. and you'd need to elect a party to majority that's going to end itsef when succesfull - so you won't see any sign of them pre-election because they won't get any money from big donors who want to buy future influence.

Comment sounds nice, but (Score 2) 490

you'd need some kind of honest government or administration to process and present all information on a matter that's up for vote in a transparent, unbiased and easy to understand way, so that everyone could make an informed decision without spending too much time on research. something like the swiss do with their referenda only on a much larger scale. i'm not sure, that this could work in reality without the oversight of neutral robot overlords. at least the problem is a a few numbers of magnitude more complex than just putting together some software for continuous voting. but maybe not more complex than the current political systems & bureaucracy.

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