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Comment "because anti-americanism sells" (Score 1) 535

your paranoid fantasy won't hold true. the usa is still the dominating cultural force on the planet (disclaimer: i'm european), and "made in the usa" is still a good selling point, even in the middle east. unfortunately, lots of "made in the US" products don't live up to their reputation, quality-wise, so a lot of people get burned, but that doesn't mean that the brand is not working...

Comment Re: Stupid people are stupid (Score 5, Informative) 956

well, here's the principal: and here the link to the administrative staff page: have fun, and don't forget to write them about their 1600 cc-cameras. from an european perspective this sounds like an orwellian prison, but maybe this is normal for the U.S. way to go, educating children towards acceptance for the surveilance state.

Comment Re: Of course you can (Score 1) 174

well, they won't. by the time, apple would be ready to come out with a console, game streaming on nearly every tv/set-top box/console will be available, you'll just buy a new controller for the apple-tv. but look out for their occulus/project morpheus competitor, if/when VR ever becomes successfull.

Comment Re: They won't, but they may wish they had (Score 1) 174

you mean those android rumors, nintendo explicitely denied? why would they make an android console when this would make porting their greatest aser, their back catalogue, more difficult. besides, they are allready going another route to mobile-gaming on android AND iOS

Comment Re: Far too late in the game...pun intended (Score 1) 174

p.s. most ios games look like they fall somewhere between the original wii and a ps3 when it comes to "graphical chops". so, that's not an advantage - but, i'd argue, it's still "good enough". if they only had a nice, standartized controller with a pointing device - they could eat nintendo's lunch.

Comment Re: Far too late in the game...pun intended (Score 1) 174

but the wii had the wii-remote, balance board, nunchuck and pro controller. apple has a remote that's useless for anything than the most casual games (like a single wii remote with half the functionality) and mfi controllers which all look and work slightly different (so, no sane developer will make games relying on any but a few functions common to all controllers). also, 32 gb is not very much, when it comes to downloadable, "console class" games. the wii & wii-u have at least a disc drive for bigger games. they are throwing in gaming as a bonus, and hope that it will all work out like on ios, but they didn't and still don't have the same competition on ios.

Comment Re: As opposed to... (Score 1) 174

also, a wiimote or pro controller are lightyears more sophisticated than the tiny apple remote. (and mfi-controller are not standartised) and a single big ps4 game would be bigger than the available storage on a 32gig apple-tv. i don't think they are taking gaming seriously - they are just throwing stuff at the wall to see, what sticks. the big three have nothing to fear from this. but it will probably comprte with the few gaming customers of amazon fire tv, roku and ouya

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