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Comment ps4 (Score 1) 373

it's faster, better exclusives, and they've sold much more than xbones - so there will be a far bigger used games market and more of the kid's friends will have compatible games/accessoires. plus playstation plus is pretty awesome. the only reason to get the xbox is when you have lots of friends with one

Comment watchlists? (Score 1) 400

if you got a name and/or a face and/or have ever left the woods, your're leaving trails that will be collected, linked and analysed. but there's only so much money the lizard people can give to the illuminaliens to pay for your anal probes. also, unfortunately the financial crisis affects the interstellar export of soylent green and glagnar's human rinds too, so that leads to budget cuts as well. so, until our new & cheap robot overlords take over, you're pretty much safe.

Comment i'm surprised, it's not flash (Score 2) 320

it's just unbelievable, how often flash needs to be updated. i usually disable autoupdates and only install the new version whenever i need it. but still, you can't use the computer for a couple of days without flash getting deactivated by safari because there's a newer version. how many bugs/security holes can one poece of software have?

Comment know your actions and anticipate the consequences. (Score 1) 373

allowing google maps to link search data with your account (were you logged in as well?)? giving your phone number to a stranger who uploads his contact data to facebook. using google and probably not even a private browser window for searches. even using facebook in the first place. i'd call that rather naÃve, using all these services without paying money for them and expecting to not give some data back in exchange.

Comment "because anti-americanism sells" (Score 1) 535

your paranoid fantasy won't hold true. the usa is still the dominating cultural force on the planet (disclaimer: i'm european), and "made in the usa" is still a good selling point, even in the middle east. unfortunately, lots of "made in the US" products don't live up to their reputation, quality-wise, so a lot of people get burned, but that doesn't mean that the brand is not working...

Comment Re: Stupid people are stupid (Score 5, Informative) 956

well, here's the principal: and here the link to the administrative staff page: have fun, and don't forget to write them about their 1600 cc-cameras. from an european perspective this sounds like an orwellian prison, but maybe this is normal for the U.S. way to go, educating children towards acceptance for the surveilance state.

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