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Comment: Re:it's true (Score 1) 353

by ulzeraj (#46654377) Attached to: An SSD for Your Current Computer May Save the Cost of a New One (Video)

I'm comfortably living with a MBP equipped with a 250GB Samsung EVO 840 and a home server with FreeBSD and a 4x3TB mirror pool and Netatalk. After installing the SSD I've also encrypted the file system with file vault and since the processor features AES-NI the speed is still leagues ahead of the old spinning rust.

I keep all the work and important documents on the MBP and media, virtual machine images and so on on the home server. Better part is that as soon as I enter my home network Time Machine starts working on the backups and while I don't really need to backup the information on the home server, daily ZFS snapshots are more than enough to correct human mistakes.

I also keep my old spinning rust device as a second time machine device. This allows me to keep 3 encrypted copies of important documents: one on laptop, one on the encrypted disk and the third on the AFP volume which contains an encrypted HFS+ sparse image.

Comment: And they've fucked everything (Score 1) 134

by ulzeraj (#46268975) Attached to: Astronomers Make the Science Case For a Mission To Neptune and Uranus

I remember reading somewhere that massive as they are they could not had been formed so far from the sun. But when they moved to the distant reaches of the solar system they did a real fucking mess that caused massive collisions that hit Venus, Mars and the Earth. In the Earth case it was the event that created the moon but Mars and Venus were smaller and didn't had the same luck. This could be the reason of Venus' retrograde orbit and the impact that created Mars' Valis Marinelis. Such an event could also have destroyed the convection mechanism of the nucleus that creates the magnetic field and extinguished the water on those planets to evaporate.

The fact that such planets are normally found near extrasolar stars is interesting. It kinda tells us that the solar system as we know has been shaped by their migration. IANAA and I don't have a source for that so feel free to correct me. Its just amazing how everything related to the solar system formation is connected to those 2 big god damn fuckers.

Comment: Re:Patagonian coast, that is, Argentina. (Score 1) 107

by ulzeraj (#45397283) Attached to: GOCE Satellite Burned Up Over Falkland Islands

Those discussions are dumb and they seem to ignore the will of the people who live there. They do not want to be argentinians and they also are not that much fans of british interventions. That place is paradise for people who wants to live a simple life.
It sounds even more dumb if you consider the fact that Argentina can't even hold their shit together. They should fix their stuff before bragging about rights to that place.

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