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"The thinking is that about 100 million years after the Big Bang, this supermassive object attracted the gas and dust that eventually became the Milky Way. But there is a problem with this theory--100 million years is not long enough for a black hole to grow so big. The alternative explanation is that Sagittarius A* is a wormhole..."

No, the widely accepted alternative (aka, the actual mainstream consensus) is that the supermassive black hole and the galaxy grew together, not that the black hole came first and was supermassive before the galaxy existed. This wormhole theory is an answer to a question no one is asking.

+ - Cheap alternative to expensive "smartboards"->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A Belgian company has devolpmedt a cheap alternative to the smartboard. These interactive whiteboard let the user with a beamer to create a simple but cheap multitouch input device.
They also recently launched a contest, where a school can win a interactive whiteboard upgrade for its classrooms."

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Comment: Re:Confidential Sources (Score 1) 122

by ultrapenguin (#34928676) Attached to: Criminal Charges Filed Against AT&T iPad Attacker

Because if you ever been in their channel, this is exactly how they talk. There's little proof needed.

I say, let them burn in hell for 5-10 years without parole (thanks federal crimes), come back to life with a permanent restriction on using computers, never get a job again (thanks google), and show the rest of the retards like weev & co how things should be done. good riddance, the internet thanks you!


Microsoft Finally Certifies an Open Source Web App 87

Posted by timothy
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An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft has caught up with the fact that open source web-based software exists, today announcing an open source project written in PHP is the first 'Certified for Windows' software that (a) follows an OSI-approved license and (b) runs via a webserver rather than operating as a native Windows executable. The software in question is SilverStripe CMS, free software released under a BSD license, that is used to build and manage websites. Certification entails a third-party performing various tests and audits on the software and giving it the green light. If other open source projects can follow suit, this will be another step in getting business folk to see that open source is ready for enterprise use. And heck, maybe even a .NET application could now seek to be certified!"

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by ultrapenguin (#33707584) Attached to: US Banks That Offer Transaction History?

I've been with WellsFargo for about 15 years (actually started with a smaller local bank they bought out) and I can actually pull all my statements (in PDF) since the month I opened my account - and they carried over the statements/history from the bank they picked up. Shrug. Last year my account brought in ~$1k in interest, so I'm not sure I'm getting your "stupid enough to bank with WellsFargo" comment either. Do they suck or something?

Comment: If it comes with same firmware issues as before... (Score 4, Informative) 56

by ultrapenguin (#32872828) Attached to: PopBox STB To Ship Soon But Without Netflix, Pandora

If this unit has the same firmware development team (and likely, it does) who handle firmware for Popcornhour & etc, good luck getting this unit to a usable state until at least a year after initial release.

popcornhour c-200 is a perfect example of good hardware ruined by crappy firmware support.
there are still bugs over a year after release that aren't getting fixed. ridiculous.

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by ultrapenguin (#32395128) Attached to: How To Take a Big Vendor To Small Claims and Win

I also cannot find any reference to what the actual problem and software was.
To me, sounds like a way old spyware/shitware infested computer and a not-so-literate computer user.
You can spend 10 years working for Sun and still have no idea how to properly administer a Windows machine.

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by ultrapenguin (#31326950) Attached to: New I/O Standard Bids To Replace Mini PCI Express

General consumers won't have any use for 100 gpio pins, the fragile 240-pin connector will not last on any kind of multiple-insertions application, and in general, is there even any demand for this kind of stuff? bringing more pci-e lanes = only useful for graphics, anyone who needs more than 1x out of a laptop will be buying a desktop instead.

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