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+ - Cheap alternative to expensive "smartboards"->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A Belgian company has devolpmedt a cheap alternative to the smartboard. These interactive whiteboard let the user with a beamer to create a simple but cheap multitouch input device.
They also recently launched a contest, where a school can win a interactive whiteboard upgrade for its classrooms."

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Comment: Re:Confidential Sources (Score 1) 122

by ultrapenguin (#34928676) Attached to: Criminal Charges Filed Against AT&T iPad Attacker

Because if you ever been in their channel, this is exactly how they talk. There's little proof needed.

I say, let them burn in hell for 5-10 years without parole (thanks federal crimes), come back to life with a permanent restriction on using computers, never get a job again (thanks google), and show the rest of the retards like weev & co how things should be done. good riddance, the internet thanks you!

Comment: Re:Wells Fargo (Score 1) 359

by ultrapenguin (#33707584) Attached to: US Banks That Offer Transaction History?

I've been with WellsFargo for about 15 years (actually started with a smaller local bank they bought out) and I can actually pull all my statements (in PDF) since the month I opened my account - and they carried over the statements/history from the bank they picked up. Shrug. Last year my account brought in ~$1k in interest, so I'm not sure I'm getting your "stupid enough to bank with WellsFargo" comment either. Do they suck or something?

Comment: If it comes with same firmware issues as before... (Score 4, Informative) 56

by ultrapenguin (#32872828) Attached to: PopBox STB To Ship Soon But Without Netflix, Pandora

If this unit has the same firmware development team (and likely, it does) who handle firmware for Popcornhour & etc, good luck getting this unit to a usable state until at least a year after initial release.

popcornhour c-200 is a perfect example of good hardware ruined by crappy firmware support.
there are still bugs over a year after release that aren't getting fixed. ridiculous.

Comment: Re:What product and OS? (Score -1, Troll) 171

by ultrapenguin (#32395128) Attached to: How To Take a Big Vendor To Small Claims and Win

I also cannot find any reference to what the actual problem and software was.
To me, sounds like a way old spyware/shitware infested computer and a not-so-literate computer user.
You can spend 10 years working for Sun and still have no idea how to properly administer a Windows machine.

Comment: Totally useless (Score 4, Insightful) 31

by ultrapenguin (#31326950) Attached to: New I/O Standard Bids To Replace Mini PCI Express

General consumers won't have any use for 100 gpio pins, the fragile 240-pin connector will not last on any kind of multiple-insertions application, and in general, is there even any demand for this kind of stuff? bringing more pci-e lanes = only useful for graphics, anyone who needs more than 1x out of a laptop will be buying a desktop instead.

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