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Comment Re:Yeah, disappointing (Score 1) 776

Every sufficiently large movement has its extremists and moderates, from ones that I personally support to those standing in direct opposition to the ones I support. Suggesting that everyone who disagrees with you is an extremist based on a few cherry-picked comments is not a constructive thing to do in any debate.

Comment Re:Always consider the opposite perspective... (Score 3, Insightful) 286

Then offer a solution where I can donate $5 to permanently disable ads. Unless your web service is something where I'm going to be downloading or uploading a whole lot of data, I'll never be using more than $5 of your resources and $5 is a hell of a lot more than you'd ever make off ads from one person over the course of a lifetime anyway. Some sites already offer this kind of thing and I commonly take advantage of it on sites I like. Other sites just get hit by Adblock. And no, I'm not going to pay a monthly subscription fee to disable ads on your site, either.

Comment Which ones? (Score 1) 89

I didn't see it mentioned in the article or summary which ones are affected. All I saw is "including OpenSSL." How about an actual list of affected software? Or maybe I'm just blind and missed it, but I don't think so.

Comment Re:Mr Apple... (Score 1) 99

Running OS X in a VM is easy if you do it right, at least it was for me. In my experience, trying to get it to run on VirtualBox was pure hell, but getting it to run in a VMware product is pretty easy if you use this (this is the newest version for the latest versions of VMware products; there's an older one by the same guy if you're running an older VMware product).

Comment Re:Major Version == Major Changes (Score 1) 199

I suggested on the poll the idea of either removing the major version entirely or changing it into the year for readability. There's no point to the major version anymore, the only reason it's ever updated on the kernel is to make things more readable. If that's the case, either do away with it entirely, or if that's going to result in huge numbers, switch it to the year. Having the year as the leading number doesn't imply major feature changes when you increment it, plus it solves the problem of huge minor version numbers.

Comment Re: Someone put gum in the outlets. (Score 1) 119

That reminds me of this post by Brian Krebs. How hard would these things be to set up with some nefarious device that installs a Trojan on any phone that connects? I imagine a well-crafted overlay panel wouldn't be too hard to put on one of these things, or they could come by at night and just install it internally. Sounds too dangerous to me, I think they're going to find this is more trouble than it's worth.

Comment Re:UF***D (Score 1) 123

Uplay integrates into their games, and it's their DRM/game platform thing. They don't use Steamworks, which is Steam's DRM system, they just make a release on Steam because a lot of people prefer that platform. But it just uses Steam for distribution, their DRM system is still Uplay, which is why you need to log into it.

Comment Re:Ubisoft and PCs... (Score 0) 123

Well, I am a pirate. And I bought the game, and even all the DLC shit for it: roughly about a $95 purchase after tax. So they're not far off. I just generally use piracy as a means of figuring out which games are or are not worth my money. But with Watch_Dogs, I'd been following it since it was revealed and I've been planning to buy it since about as long.

Also Uplay used to be buggy, but I haven't had any problems with it lately, and I do like their "micro-DLC" system as someone I know called it. You do stuff in the games (mostly just play them to completion, though there are usually one or two challenges you need to complete) and you can unlock stuff. Usually nothing major, I think AC2 had a wallpaper, some costumes, and an interesting DLC mission (that was probably the best reward I've seen from it), Watch_Dogs has an avatar, I think a wallpaper, and some unlockable items/a vehicle. I think Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon had a skin for your profile and some music, but I don't remember. It's a neat system that rewards you for actually playing your games more than just having achievements (which also exist), and I like it enough that I buy Uplay-native games on the Uplay platform instead of Steam because I like to support it and Ubisoft/Uplay haven't sufficiently pissed me off to avoid them.

There was some weirdness with my payment (their system double-charges you before revoking the second charge for whatever reason), but the guy on the phone was friendly enough (hour and a half queue though).

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