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+ - Gamers solve decade old HIV puzzle in ten days-> 2

Submitted by twocows
twocows (1216842) writes "From the article: "Scientists from Washington University have been struggling for the past decade to decipher the complex structure of a enzyme that exhibits AIDS-like behavior, and which might hold a critical role in building a cure for the disease. Gamers playing spatial game Foldit have managed to collectively determine the enzyme’s structure in ten days.""
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+ - Age of Empire II (yes, II) to get new expansion->

Submitted by twocows
twocows (1216842) writes "From Tom's Hardware:
AoE II HD is getting a new expansion pack on Steam sometime this fall. Quoting from the article, "Gamers who procure "The Forgotten" can look forward to a ton of new content, including five new civilizations, four new historical campaigns, a handful of new multiplayer maps and direct streaming to Players will also be able to control up to 500 units at a time instead of the current 200-unit limit."
I know what I'll be doing at my next LAN party."

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+ - GeForce 400 series releases to tepid reviews->

Submitted by twocows
twocows (1216842) writes "Nearly half a year after the initial projected release date, Nvidia premiered its new GeForce 400 series of cards at PAX today. After a development period mired in controversy, Nvidia showed off the capabilities of the 400 series in a 3D presentation demoing gameplay footage from titles such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and World of Warcraft. Despite the polished presentation, critical reception has proved to be tepid at best. A number of sites have criticized the line's mediocre performance in benchmarks compared to rival ATI's line of Radeon cards, with some older cards even surpassing the new line in gameplay performance; some also cite the cards' extremely large power draw as another point of contention."
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