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Journal twitter's Journal: Minor but Influential Troll AlexGr 17

Boycott Novell has noticed that there's a strong connection between poison pen Jeff Gould and AlexGr. If that's true, I'll list the proof here later. One thing for sure is that Slashdot user AlexGr hates software freedom.

The only thing missing is the usual insults for Slashdot readers, but he's only got five posts. His four accepted submissions all point back to FUD and confusion filled articles from Jeff Gould. I thought that was a strange acceptance ratio, until I could see how much he submitts. At least 11 of his last 20 submissions are dreadful Jeff Gould stories. There were about 80 submissions so the acceptance rate is about 5%. Slashdot editors are 95% on the ball.

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Minor but Influential Troll AlexGr

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  • by Macthorpe (960048)

    My list was so much longer than that.

    • by dedazo (737510)

      No!! Mine was longer!

      • Re: (Score:1, Troll)

        by Macthorpe (960048)

        I have two lists now! I am the all-powerful Twitter-angerer! BOW BEFORE MY SLIGHTLY CANTANKEROUS MIGHT!

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