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"Myopic geeks"? I can't help thinking I've been trolled.

Anyway, I read the blog post, as the AusGamers article was slashdotted before I got there. It mentioned nothing about what Facebook can bring to the Oculus Rift other than "resources". They also talk about long-term commitment, though I guess you would have to ask Zynga on how Facebook have delivered on their commitment to a stable gaming platform previously.

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Though it's plain you didn't read the blog post he wrote (he actually states specifically that VR is ideal for social, he just doesn't trust Facebook to push the platform for games development given their history of arbitrarily changing the playing field), I was using Notch as an example. Try having a browse around, and see if you can find a game developer who is genuinely excited about Facebook's involvement.

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No it's not. Only an idiot actually believes that. In order to be a real currency, you kinda have to have a lot of people use it to directly buy and sell things.

You can already buy and sell things with Bitcoin. Example: Bitlasers. So where is the line? How many items have to be sold before it becomes a currency? The logical answer would probably be "one".

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This article is about google and amazon in the UK. In an attempt at link baiting, there is a single line about apple in the US in the article so they would write Apple in the headline for clicks.

And slashdot fell for it - and so did I.

Actually the summary refers to the fact that Apple do this too.

Just because it's not specifically mentioned in the linked article, doesn't mean it's not happening.

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