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Journal twitter's Journal: GM May Skip Vista. 1

CNN says that GM and other Fortune 500 companies dislike Vista enough to skip it.

GM is signaling potential dissatisfaction with the Vista software by another of Microsoft's key customer base. "I can't stress enough we are looking at a number of options and that we're still assessing things, and a decision has not been made," a GM spokesman said Friday. As more Fortune 500 companies balk at buying Vista, the general dissatisfaction could then become a longer-term threat to Microsoft as disgruntled IT managers delay their upgrade cycles.

Vista dissatisfaction since it went on sale in January was evident in Microsoft client division's fiscal third-quarter sales, which include the XP and Vista operating system. Sales fell 24% compared with the year-earlier period. Although the decline was expected because of a one-off revenue gain of around $ 1.6 billion in the year-earlier quarter, client revenue were lower than analysts expected.

TechBlorge claims Alascan Airlines as a potential skipper. Will this turn into a stampede? I think it already is.

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GM May Skip Vista.

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  • Remember a year or so ago? When all the MS technoweenies here were saying things like "It doesn't matter if the general public buys it or not. Corporate IT will have to roll over sometime and just drag everybody along with them."

    Good times!

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