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Comment Re:Judging by the story so far... (Score 1) 370

Why are half the posts on here conflating secrecy with immorality? You're all fine with keeping your (lets assume completely 'moral') email, bank details, salary, intellectual property, etc, etc secret without the presumption being "because it must be immoral" right?

You appear to be confused. As usual, the devil is in the details.

No one cares if everyone knows they have an account at Bank of America, but they don't want their account number revealed.

No one cares if everybody knows they have a gmail account, but they don't want their password revealed.

But no one wants everyone to know they have an AshleyMadison account, even if their authentication details are kept secret.

Please don't be so obtuse as to claim you don't see the distinction.

Comment Re:Android? (Score 1) 177

That and whatever version of Android it ships with is the one you're always going to have on it. At least that's what Samsung taught me when I bought a Galaxy Tab.

I'm a little surprised at this. I've had two Android updates since purchasing mine; currently at 5.0.1. Granted, I waited a while, but the updates straggled in eventually.

Comment Re:This old geek could never grasp Macbeth (Score 1) 144

I mean, many of the things that I have done, for the past 40 years or so, are still running somewhere (from coffee machine to drive trains powering vehicles, from codes running on mainframe to embedded code), without Macbeth I still contribute my bit to the world

While all of that is very nice, it's a pity you haven't figured out a way to let Shakespeare contribute to you.

Comment Great (Score 2) 273

Fantastic. Another variation on "you didn't build that". This sort of rationalization has been going on for as long as the human race has been civilized -- the underachiever (or unlucky, or oppressed... choose your favorite flavor) making himself feel better by trivializing the achievements of exceptional people. If ANYONE can stand on the shoulders of giants, why aren't more people doing it?

Comment Re:Cue (Score 1) 385

In the far, far distant future another species will evolve enough to investigate and figure out what happened and be completely shocked at this appalling species which caused so much monumental destruction.

Actually, they'll probably repeat most of our mistakes long before they evolve far enough to avoid repeating them.

Comment Re:So in other words... (Score 1) 191

Exactly like every single other profession? Seriously. Name one job which doesn't encourage you to go in to work even when you are sick.

Uh... every job I've ever had for the past forty years. Management at every place I've ever worked has been far more likely to berate an employee for showing up with symptoms than for taking sick days.

Comment Re:As a physician... (Score 1) 191

It must be nice to have a job where you're not essential.

So your absence for a few days would be inevitably and irrevocably devastating to your employer's business? You must be quite the rare bird.

Some employees are very valuable, and a few are so valuable that their absence is a significant inconvenience. I'm sure they're missed when they take vacations, too.

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