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Comment Re:Nexus 9 had finish issues (Score 1) 179

The travel router is an interesting device, and no doubt a lot of people are fine with bringing along a 1/2 pound device and setting up a personal WiFi network on a commercial airliner. I am not one of those people, and have a bit of difficulty seeing this lashup as a great replacement for a tiny memory card that lives inside my phone or tablet. A 128 GB micro SD holds more music and video than I can possibly listen to and watch on a round trip between Los Angeles and London. And while in-seat USB ports or AC power receptacles aren't ubiquitous, they're becoming more common. I didn't have to take my battery out of my carry-on on my last trip (12 hours in the air each way) to keep my devices charged.

Comment Re:Nexus 9 had finish issues (Score 1) 179

You could use a OTG SD, or OTG cable and flash drive(s) for those times.

I have an OTG cable, and it's very useful for transferring files on and off the phone. However, the original complaint concerned "fiddling about the SD cards", which in my experience involves much less fiddling than OTG cables and thumb drives. In my particular anecdotal case, the total extent of "fiddling about the SD cards" reduced to a one-time insertion of the micro SD into its receptacle on the side of the phone.

Comment Re:Then AT&T Uverse is also illegal (Score 1) 217

Uverse Internet/Video is on same pileline. But U-verse video doesn't count against data cap while all other streaming services do.

What data cap are you talking about here? I have Uverse TV and Internet, and there isn't any data cap on Internet usage (or if there is, it's so large that watching several hours of Netflix HD every evening doesn't hit it). But if I use my Verizon mobile account to watch content recorded on my Uverse DVR when I'm out of WiFi coverage, then yes it would count against my Verizon data cap. Personally, I prefer to watch television content on my television and not on my phone, so the Verizon cap is not an issue.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 276

Just because you are ignorant on the subject doesn't entitle you to have an opinion

Come on now, everyone is entitled to an opinion no matter how ignorant they might be. They just aren't entitled to their own facts.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 2) 184

"the United States Constitution prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures"

Yes, it does. Unreasonable searches and seizures are those executed either without a warrant, without consent, or without a combination of probable cause and exigent circumstances. Furthermore, "no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

So no, the founders didn't accidentally put that clause in there. They also didn't put it in there for the purpose you seem to be proposing.

Comment Re:UNCLASSIFIED // RELIDO (Score 1) 53

Items are absolutely declassified after a certain amount of time, the national archives has a whole division dedicated to this activity.

Yes, some items are scheduled for declassification after either 10 or 25 years. Some aren't.

Here is an example of a declassified document, you can see the classification of Top Secret is crossed out.

I'm sure you noticed that the example document is over 50 years old (and appears to have been redacted with white-out). The rules have changed since then. 18 CFR 3a.31 - "Classification markings and special notations" has the details, but specifically, "When classification changes are made, the classification markings themselves will be changed or canceled, and each copy or item of the material will be marked with the citation of authority."

By the way, congratulations on posting without triggering a diatribe by the hosts file guy.

Comment Re:UNCLASSIFIED // RELIDO (Score 1) 53

As far as I can tell, the markings AC is talking about are not declassifications, the documents are actually marked unclassified. There are reason codes given for the redactions, though I don't know what those align with.

Well yes, the documents are actually marked unclassified, because they have been declassified. Documents that have been declassified, whether due to being redacted or because the information previously considered sensitive has been determined to no longer be sensitive, should either be marked unclassified or have no classification markings. To the best of my knowledge, documents bearing classified markings are never intentionally made public by the government.

Comment Re:UNCLASSIFIED // RELIDO (Score 1) 53

Anyone else notice that the vast majority of those pages are marked as unclassified and/or non-secret yet severely redacted?

This is not at all unusual. Sometimes documents are declassified because the content is no longer considered sensitive. Sometimes documents are declassified by redacting the sensitive content. More information here.

Comment Re:It's all about the money! (Score 2) 151

Cali just wants your money, it's not unheard of to have 1000 dollar yearly car registrations there.

Well yeah, if your car is brand new and you paid over $138,000 for it. Otherwise, not so much.

I'm with you, though, on the ease of getting a driver license. I have personally witnessed people taking tests at the local DMV office being allowed to use "translators" who were openly coaching them on the correct answers.

Comment Re:Why (Score 2, Interesting) 276

Why is he getting involved in this at all? We already have several companies working toward this goal. The only answer that makes sense is that he wants to fund those companies closest to him or his party.

Or maybe he thinks the government should know at all times where you are, where you're going, where you stay when you get there, and how long you stay there.

Comment Re:Easy Fix (Score 1) 353

You miss the point. Area codes are the complete the opposite of useless.

He didn't say they were useless; he said they were fairly useless. The context was clearly determination of the owner's home location, which has pretty much zero to do with the total possible number of telephone numbers as a function of the number of available digits. And he couldn't miss the point, because he made the point to start with. Aside from all that, what the heck does "the complete the opposite" even mean?

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