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The Courts

+ - Jury awards $220,000 to RIAA in P2P case-> 1

Submitted by Conrad
Conrad (666) writes "The Capitol Records v. Jammie Thomas verdict is in, with a jury finding her liable of willful copyright infringement for all 24 songs. At $9,250 per song, the grand total is $222,000. The RIAA is pleased with the verdict: 'The plaintiffs' legal team spent a few minutes talking to the jury after the verdict was announced, finally emerging from the courthouse to take questions from the media. The first question asked of Gabriel was whether the RIAA would enforce and try to collect the judgment. Gabriel replied that he hadn't had the chance to talk to the client about that yet. He said that the jury did not explain how they arrived at the $9,250 figure, but that they expressed to the legal team that the case was "clear and well-presented." Gabriel also noted the magnitude of the case in response to a question. "We appreciate the opportunity to put out in daylight the facts and evidence collected in this case," he replied. "This does send a message, we hope, that both downloading and distributing music is no joke." When asked if there was an end game in sight for the series of lawsuits, Gabriel said that it was up to the RIAA to decide.'"
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+ - Paramount to dump Blu-Ray for HD DVD

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Paramount and DreamWorks Animation Each Declare Exclusive Support for HD DVD. A press announcement was made this morning by Paramount Home Entertainment indicating that the studio will throw its entire weight behind HD-DVD starting August 28, abandoning Blu-Ray entirely. In plain English, this means that films like "Transformers" and "Shrek The Third" will come only to HD-DVD!"
It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Lamefactor lets you judge your Facebook friends

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "More and more sites are being developed using the Facebook API. A new site,, lets you judge Facebook friends (hotornot-style), automatically importing them into the website without their consent. What they have to say: We all know you aren't *really* friends with everyone you're friends with on Facebook. Lamefactor lets you rate your friends, 1-10, at life. This way, "every day is judgment day.""
The Media

+ - Fans Driving CBS Execs Nuts

Submitted by LupeSpywalper
LupeSpywalper (713932) writes "Fans of the recently cancelled TV show Jericho have been organizing a powerful front against CBS. They demand nothing less than full retreat. The fan troops fight with weapons like online petitions, YouTube campaigns, message boards, wallet voting, ad campaigns and... nuts!
The scale of this fan uprising is fueled by sympathetic messages from the show's actors and increasing media attention.
Does CBS have the balls to cover up the nuts?"

+ - How Long Until DRM Is Mandatory?

Submitted by Bernie
Bernie (666) writes "The content producers (eg, movie studios and music labels) have been trying and trying to get consumers to accept DRM by telling us that it "enables" us. We recently heard that a HBO exec want to start calling DRM by the name "Digital Consumer Enablement" instead. Of course, we here at Slashdot know that DRM is actually about restricting us. However, I recently realized that DRM restricts and not enables because our DVD players, MP3 players, computers, etc. can play content without DRM. If the tables were turned, then they would really be turned. That is, if our media players did not play non-DRM content, then DRM would become an enabling technology. My question: How long until media players will NOT play non-DRM content? Or will we be able to avoid this tragedy?"

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