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Submission + - Continued Cord Cutting Hits the Pay TV Business Hard 1

An anonymous reader writes: Customers cord cutting is not a new concern for the pay TV business but a recent massive sell-off in media stocks has many in the industry worried. Cable, satellite and TV companies suffered their worst-ever quarterly subscriber declines losing more than half a million accounts, sending stocks tumbling. Researchers say this may be the beginning of the end for the pay TV business. According to analysts Craig Moffett and Michael Nathanson: “A year ago, the Pay TV sector was shrinking at an annual rate of 0.1 percent. A year later, the rate at which the Pay TV sector is declining has quickened to 0.7 percent year-over-year. That may not seem like a mass exodus, but it is a big change in a short period of time. And the rate of decline is still accelerating.”

Submission + - Hacker 'Kills' DEF CON Founder Jeff Moss->

darthcamaro writes: In one of the busiest sessions at this past weekend's DEF CON security conference, an Australian security researcher showed how it was possible to get someone legally declared dead, with a full death certificate. Among the victims, was the founder of DEF CON and Black Hat, Jeff Moss.

"I know it's not good form to kill your host, but this a death certificate for Jeff Moss," Security reseacher Chris Rock said as he showed a screenshot of an EDRS form with Moss' name on it as the audience erupted into laughter. "He doesn't know he's dead, he's still walking around, but on paper he's dead and that might be a problem for him when he travels."

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Submission + - Google, Facebook and Twitter to block "hash lists" of child abuse

An anonymous reader writes: Facebook, Google, and Twitter are teaming up with the UK's Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) to share hash lists of blocked indecent images. The move is intended to ensure that a picture pulled from one site can't show up again elsewhere. The BBC reports: "Online security specialists welcomed the move as a positive step, but said it would not block content on the 'darknet' — a network with restricted access — where abusers often posted images."

Submission + - Apple says diversity is important, but one contractor is 98% Asian->

dcblogs writes: Apple says workforce diversity "inspires creativity and innovation," but one of Apple's major contractors, Infosys, is far from diverse. In 2013, Infosys, an India-based IT services firm, had 509 workers assigned to Apple sites in Cupertino, Calif. Of that number, 499 are listed as Asian, or 98%, with the remaining 10 identified as either white or black, according to government records that were released as part of discrimination court case. Apple isn't the only firm with a disproportionate Infosys workforce. Of the 427 Infosys workers at insurance giant Aetna's Hartford, Conn., offices, 418 were identified in a court filing as Asian. This lopsided representation of Asian workers by IT services firms is not limited to Infosys. It is also a consequence of the H-1B visa program, which supplies most of the labor for the offshore IT services industry. Nearly 86% of the H-1B visas issued by the U.S. for workers in computer occupations are for people from India, according to a Computerworld analysis of government data from a Freedom of Information Act request.
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Comment Re:How real is the risk? (Score 0) 340

Sleeping laying down will be bad for you as well, once sales of sleep apnea masks tail off.

I find it suspicious that sitting is suddenly mega-dangerous. I'm sure there are risks but they seem a bit exaggerated. Is this the new "fish oil" scam? A lot of the expensive standing desks and treadmills certainly look like a nice way to make money.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 2, Informative) 289

If the hardware doesn't work with default Windows or Linux distribution, it's shit. (think clean install).

Years ago at work, we got some new desktops.

The desktops had 4GB of RAM, but the Windows XP Pro on them could only see 3GB. One of the guys decided to put Windows 2003 on the machines to get access to all the RAM.

It turns out there were NO drivers for that hardware which existed for Windows 2003, and even getting back to XP Pro proved exceedingly difficult because ... it was almost impossible to find the drivers again as they basically weren't published anywhere. Essentially this machine could only work with the OEM image made up of drivers and other custom crap which were almost impossible to find.

To add insult to injury, whatever idiot had ordered them got us some new-fangled wide screen monitors. The problem was that while the actual resolution of the monitor was a 4:3 aspect ratio ... the actual pixels were flattened so that in its native resolution the screen drew circles as flattened ovals.

I 100% agree with you. Because non-standard crap from vendors makes for utter garbage machines.

I get the feeling that maybe you have no idea what you are doing....

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