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Comment Re:How real is the risk? (Score 0) 340 340

Sleeping laying down will be bad for you as well, once sales of sleep apnea masks tail off.

I find it suspicious that sitting is suddenly mega-dangerous. I'm sure there are risks but they seem a bit exaggerated. Is this the new "fish oil" scam? A lot of the expensive standing desks and treadmills certainly look like a nice way to make money.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 2, Informative) 289 289

If the hardware doesn't work with default Windows or Linux distribution, it's shit. (think clean install).

Years ago at work, we got some new desktops.

The desktops had 4GB of RAM, but the Windows XP Pro on them could only see 3GB. One of the guys decided to put Windows 2003 on the machines to get access to all the RAM.

It turns out there were NO drivers for that hardware which existed for Windows 2003, and even getting back to XP Pro proved exceedingly difficult because ... it was almost impossible to find the drivers again as they basically weren't published anywhere. Essentially this machine could only work with the OEM image made up of drivers and other custom crap which were almost impossible to find.

To add insult to injury, whatever idiot had ordered them got us some new-fangled wide screen monitors. The problem was that while the actual resolution of the monitor was a 4:3 aspect ratio ... the actual pixels were flattened so that in its native resolution the screen drew circles as flattened ovals.

I 100% agree with you. Because non-standard crap from vendors makes for utter garbage machines.

I get the feeling that maybe you have no idea what you are doing....

Comment We already have one - Jive (Score 0) 626 626

De idea uh constructin' some language capable uh replacin' English gotss'ta fascinated me fo' some long time. What it is, Mama. Right On! I'd likes t'start some project wid some uh mah' own ideas and anyone who's interested, but I'd really likes t'hear whut da damn Slashdot community dinks on de topic fust. Takin' fo' granted dat actually replacin' English be highly unlikesly, whut characteristics would da damn new language need? Mo'e specifically, dig dis: How could da damn language be made as easy as possible t'learn comin' fum any lin'uistic background? How could interest in de language be fostered in as many sucka's as possible? What so't uh grammar would ya' choose and why? How would ya' build wo'ds and how would ya' select meanin's fo' dem, and why? What sounds and letters (and script(s)) would ya' choose? How impo'tant be simplicity and brevity? How impo'tant are aesdetics (and whut makes some language aesdetic)? What oda' facto's could be impo'tant t'consider, and whut oda' wahtahmelluns would ya' likes t'see in such some language?

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