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+ - Summer Fades, But NASA's Summer of Records Remains.

Submitted by tetrahedrassface
tetrahedrassface (675645) writes "Stennis Space Center spent a long summer testing the J2-X engine. The story hasn't received much press, but Stennis, and the J2-X had a very good summer indeed. Of note for this critical piece of equipment that will help up once again undertake manned exploration class space mission was that it smashed its endurance record not once, but twice. The first was the successful throttling up and down of the engine for 1,150 seconds. The second came on July 24'th with a test that lasted 1,350 seconds. That's great news for NASA as they try to move forward past the Shuttle Era and back into an age of beyond Low Earth Orbit manned missions."

+ - RIM Firing (Nearly) Everybody->

Submitted by
itwbennett writes "Research in Motion (RIM) reported grim Q4 results Thursday and announced sweeping personnel changes. Leading the parade of departing execs is Jim Balsillie, former co-CEO of the company, who has given up his board seat. David Yach, who has been CTO of software for the company for 13 years, is retiring. And Jim Rowan, chief operating officer of global operations, who has been with the company for four years, is leaving to pursue other interests."
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Comment: Weather Station (Score 1) 85

by tprox (#39516105) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Home Testing For Solar Roof Coverage?
Something like a Davis VantagePro2 ( weather station has a small panel that measures UV and solar radiation in addition to weather measurements. I think you can also get additional sensors to add to the station and you can get a dongle that lets you speak with the wireless panel via usb-serial. Then, you can write an easy script to log your measurements (the protocol is well defined) and get a real idea of what your roof is capable of. The VantagePro2 is probably overkill for your purposes, but it's a good thread to chase down for options.
America Online

+ - AOL unplugs 10,000 servers, saves $5M->

Submitted by alphadogg
alphadogg (971356) writes "AOL decommissioned almost 10,000 servers and saved itself $5 million along the way to winning a contest that highlights the cost of running inefficient or underutilized IT equipment. Decommissioning a 1U rack server can save a company $500 a year in energy costs, $500 in OS licenses and $1,500 in hardware maintenance costs, according to Uptime Institute, the industry group that organized the competition, which it called the Server Roundup Contest. AOL's savings included $1.65 million in energy bills, $2.2 million in OS licenses and $62,000 in hardware maintenance costs. It also gained $1.2 million from scrap and resale, and reduced its carbon emissions by 20 million tons."
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+ - I actually read the Service Agreement!->

Submitted by sohmc
sohmc (595388) writes "I recently ordered a new phone from AT&T. While most people (including myself) just quickly click "I agree!", I decided to actually print out the 26-page contract and actually read it. While you can read the rest in my journal, I did want to point out the one thing that surprised me the most:

* AT&T states that "e-mail attachments can not be sent, downloaded, read, or forwarded on the mobile device" (pg. 21)

I plan to call AT&T about this and ask them for clarification, but fear that they might terminate me for being "unreasonable"."

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Comment: Re:Try reading a bit between the lines... (Score 1) 628

by tprox (#35845598) Attached to: Jesse Jackson, Jr. Pins US Job Losses On iPad
I think the key to what was said above was to have wealth distribution of profits created by automation. The only problem with that is that I'm sure the people who created the automation would want their fair share of their creation, unless they were people motivated by more altruistic ideals.

Comment: Scraper (Score 1) 164

by tprox (#35134900) Attached to: New Hampshire Begins Open-Data Efforts
What I found most interesting was the link in the article to, which I followed on to this project: They provide the screen scrapers which feed the data to the main project. I"m sure that even with the gov't providing data freely there will still need to be formatting transformation required, and some screen scraping needed to get the full picture into some database somewhere. I'm sure there are other frameworks around that build up scraping/database/analysis applications. Does anyone have any experience with these?

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