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Comment: Re:Eduction, too long, too little, wrong focus, pc (Score 1) 199

by tonan (#28076531) Attached to: Obama Taps Charles Bolden To Lead NASA

The problem I have with European education is that once you have a little hiccup or don't find into their model of excellence, you are quickly left behind and it's off to Berufsschule for you. Perhaps the US gives too many opportunities for success, but Europe gives far too little.

Comment: Stop autoplay on all drives (Score 2, Interesting) 489

by tonan (#23384134) Attached to: DVD Porn Viruses Ravage US Soldiers' Computers
I'm a network/client admin in Afghanistan. Personally, I turn off autoplay (gpedit.msc) on all government and personal machines connecting to our network here. It's pretty easy and saves a lot of headaches. People pass around infected thumb drives so much here, containing it was a problem until we did this.

I also wish Norton knew how to get rid of malware that sets up a service in Windows. Every time a computer gets infected with one of those, I have to manually remove it.

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