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Comment Re:Probably not (Score 1) 74

I was imaging this a few years ago. Would be nice to have meeting transcriptions created automatically. People often try to selectively forget or change their remembrance of what they said. And I get the privacy concerns. It's going to happen so we might as well figure out when it's appropriate and how to control it. I'm pretty sure the NSA can turn the mic on your phone and auto transcribe any time they want to. We need SW options and laws to make this work and prevent abuse.

Comment Re:Police state San Jose (Score 1) 258

There is a simply way to show ignorant congressmen like this guy the error of their ways. The people in his district should immediately organize a group to follow him around and record every moment he's in public. Hopefully on the sly at first to catch him picking his nose or some worse behavior that people don't want recorded and published. Everyone has something to hide and merely being in a public place doesn't mean we want our lives recorded. As other's said, if they want to recover stolen cars, they should only record the location of cars on the list and not every car.

Comment Yahoo spam filter works well (Score 2) 269

I see a lot of comments here telling the OP to settup his own domain, email service and spam filter. That's a lot of work and cost. Since the OP is using ISP mail, he probably isn't wanting to go the full monty route being proposed by most respondents. Yahoo mail works pretty good. At least as far as spam filtering is concerned. I get a couple a week maybe, if that. Very few false positives as well.

Comment Re:Lemme ask you this ... (Score 2) 500

posting again non-AC... Agree with all you said, except one part. The vast majority of my fellow Americans don't even realize there are other options beyond R and D. That's because the media is complicit in excluding 3rd parties and preserving the duopoly. Since Citizens United, it's only gotten worse. So the Supreme Court is also to blame. None of the three branches of government support the people any longer.

Comment Re: call the library ? (Score 1) 246

"What good are the police then?" That is an excellent question! Their role has changed mightily in last 20 years. They mostly serve to enforce traffic citations, DWI, and other revenue generating opportunities. They have never been much good at "protecting" you. When seconds count, they are only minutes away. Most reasonable people know they can't rely on police for protection. Here in Texas, we don't call 911 until after we have dealt with the threat. We protect ourselves and our families on our own first and foremost.

Comment Re: call the library ? (Score 3, Interesting) 246

While I agree they can't take chances with calling, you are unfortunately wrong about them being sued. Well, they could be sued, but there is not much chance of success. The SCOTUS has already ruled that the police have no obligation to protect you as an individual, merely "society at large"...

Comment Re:useful on a highway (Score 4, Informative) 215

What you said is correct only sometimes. Often, the police are hitting each car that comes by with radar, thus your device will detect them lighting up the cars in front. If traffic is low, you are in more danger of being hit without warning. Or occasionally there is an officer who understands this and he only lights up the cards he thinks are really speeding. In this case he has to watch you, so you might see him before he decides to light you up. All in all, the ordinary radar detectors do work and provide a worthwhile addition to your vehicle. I don't even speed that much, but I know mine has saved me a few tickets.

Comment Questions (Score 1) 100

1. Does "password guessing" mean they are just trying to login using common passwords like "password" or is it more sophisticated than that?
2. Assuming these brute force methods were used against real accounts, they would presumably become locked. It seems this would have been tried many times already in the past and present and lots of accounts would be getting locked all the time. Thus the email sites must have some way to detect and prevent this?
Just curious about these details... thx.

Comment Re:Smells like BS (Score 1) 176

that's why I never voted for Obama in the first race. He said he would vote against Patriot Act re-authorization but in fact voted for it. Luckily that vote came up before the election. That's how I knew all he said before was just talk. Exec branch should be more transparent, we need less war, more freedom. All the things he said and he did the opposite. You can know who to vote for by looking at the record on Patriot Act re-authorization and NDAA 2012 as well.

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