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Submission + - New Research Shows Phones May Use Magnets To Transmit Data (

An anonymous reader writes: Researchers at the University of Oulu in Finland have been successful in transmitting data using the magnetometer that is usually found in various smartphones. The device they used to perform this experiment was the Nexus 4 from Google. The experiment is still a work in progress but holds tremendous potential if it can be developed as a protocol.

Submission + - RealVNC Adds Remote Desktop Support To Wayland (

An anonymous reader writes: If you were concerned by Wayland's lack of easy screen/desktop sharing support compared to X11, RealVNC has launched VNC for Wayland. There's now a free developer preview of RealVNC for Wayland that uses the latest Wayland and Weston code with the screen-share module to offer their enterprise-class VNC capabilities within a Wayland-based environment compatible with RealVNC's other software offerings. Andrew Wedgbury of RealVNC said, "we see Wayland as an important emerging technology."

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