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Comment Re:Yes, Perl is indeed dead and rotting (Score 5, Interesting) 283

More telling is how utterly fast Perl is compared to the other languages. I've run most of the sample files from this language shootout and had remarkably similar results to what they list there.

The Perl version performed on par with the C and C versions, and it's growth/memory usage stayed pretty consistent throughout. The other languages were horrid. They took much longer, and their memory usage grew significantly during the run.

I use Perl still when doing scripting tasks. I love Perl, always have. I don't, however, necessarily think it's the right choice for building a medium to large web-based application any more. Sure the performance is there, and there are some great frameworks like Catalyst and Dancer, but to me, they still feel a bit antiquated to some of the other technologies I've used. Plus installing tons of CPAN modules can get a little trying at times.

Comment Re:Mac OS X is not founded on FreeBSD (Score 1) 220

I cannot understand why year after year we have to bring this topic up... Gentlemen! Why can't you do your research and believe that Darwin is not based / founded on FreeBSD. Most of the Darwin / Mac OS X source code is from 386-BSD and not from the FreeBSD. Darwin Is a fork from 4.4 BSD fork 386-BSD fork made for NextStep. It's true it was updated with some of the components from the FreeBSD userland, but that is pretty minor.

So the page right on Apple's site, where it states:

Darwin 1.4.1 is the UNIX-based, open-source foundation of Mac OS X. It is based on FreeBSD and Mach 3.0 technologies and provides...

is incorrect then?

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