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Submission + - I guess it's a scoop if ...

tkjtkj writes: if i'm the only one complaining about /. 's pages ..
1) Lately, 1 or 2 'cartoon-type' balloons appear at ends of article topic listings .. Normally ok, BUT for fact that if the title is long enough, the nearly-useless ballons completely conver/obvuscate the end text of the title!
2) I come to an article and there's no way to comment .. Just what is going on?

Comment Re:Oxitec This stuff can be very risky indeed ... (Score 1) 150

This sort of bio-engineering can have possibly far-reaching and disastrous results. These insects are major components of various food chains .. Bats, e.g., depend on them .. and where bats comprise 25% of earth's mammalian body-weight, it's clear the ramifications could be tremendous.. It might be best were they to obtain a 'switchable' lethality approach . .. where there'd be less risk of total destruction of all mosquito populations, whether they be part of a disease cycle or not .. It's the 'nots' that would be key, here ... I should think.

Comment Google, eg, 'Too Big to Nail' were they to fail ?? (Score 1) 262

When Google was in the birthing process, and distributing 'Terms of Membership' I communicated to them that they seemed to be clutching our personal data as if it were their own. I specifically asked management what would happen to our data were Google to be sold or to fail. They never replied to my several inquiries. Now that RadioHack is in this pickle, we see the reality: we could easily be in the pickle-bath with them! Laws MUST be made at federal levels to prohibit this plan to profiteer so unfairly.

Comment Re:The cameras must run all the time. (Score 1) 219

Exactly! To evaluate the full circumstances of an arrest or assault one must consider the time PRIOR to the activation of any weapon ! It's the CIRCUMSTANCES that are critical ... This is merely a ploy, a police-union game to hide what truly happens in the field ... It is deplorable! Los angeles must not be taken in by this subterfuge!

Submission + - Gravity Waves (Gravitons) convincingly observed! (nytimes.com)

tkjtkj writes: "Detection of Waves in Space Buttresses Landmark Theory of Big Bang" From NY Times (do register!) !

Dr. John M.Kovac (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) confirms theory of 'inflation' first proposed in 1979 by Dr. Alan Guth (now at M.I.T) with '5 sigma' certainty .. "the gold standard in physics"... and consistent with Einstein's predictions.

This is a truly remarkable discovery well-worth noting .. Nobel ?? .. would seem most likely ..

Click the link below :

Comment Have we .... (Score 1) 466

Have we lost all humanity ??? In many ways we extend care to creatures .. protect the innocent .. those unable to cope with our new world .. and now we've descended to the pits of depravity .. murdering our national symbol and more .. for what??? So Big Biz wont have to install screening around turbines???? This is disgusting news .. repulsive, vomitous ...

Comment Re:TFS couldn't even mention ONE example? (Score 1) 25

It *could* have been ' a baited breath ..' .. which then would beg the question: 'baited with what? .. a dead fish'?? ' Why oh why do these errors endure! Gentlemen and gentlewomen.. the accurate phrase is " abated breath ' .. "abate : to decrease; diminution; to lessen ; abate one's breath .. to hold it .. usually in anticipation ; " to wait with abated breath .." 'An ' can precede , as in " each person waited with an abated breath" (tho this is cumbersome construction).

Comment The real concern .. the real fear .. (Score 0) 356

Many here seem to miss the point regarding consumer rejection of this technology. Giving your fingerprint to a company which, according to the latest news, could very well be cooperating with the NSA's privacy invading tactics would seem foolish, to say the least! If the print is in the phone, what is to stop Apple from cooperating or being ordered by a Court to send that data to the government? Open thine eyes, people .. Don't just read the news .. learn by it!

Comment Compromise .. Yes it's easy .. (Score 1) 296

Get yourself a Aamsung Galaxy Note 2 holstered by the OtterBox model-specific holster.
Then Mod the holserer by drilling camera hole.
Theis holster accepts the cam facing out or reverse, is rock solid, ande (seemingly unkonwn o to it's mfgr, will function as a 'landscape-mode cellphone 'desk stand' ..

Pricey but worth it..
Forgie misspellings: im forced to type with 'white on white' ..cant read this myself..

Comment the only integration i ever performed in my career (Score 1) 656

yeah.. the only integration in my career in comp sci and the biological sciences was to assure that non-whites had equal room at the table ... but i would not trade my calc history for aNYthing ... it nearly did influence me to change to a mathematics major .. The logic, the approaches to analytic thinking that a math background provids are not duplicated in any other area.. and isnt comp sci 'practical logic'??

Comment I dont understand ... (Score 1) 133

riight.. I can't grasp the 62 mi. altitude limit ... Surely the enironment at that altitude is essentially the same as at 300 miles, no? I mean, if ya wanna thriLLL GO for it! Oxygen, etc, should not be a problem .. nor can i think of any other safety issue more far-fetched than the project itself (other than the stupid 'boot thruster' idea!)

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