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Comment: Re:I hate those questions (Score 1) 9 9

Speak for yourself, eh.

They annoy me because they set up such stupid pointless conditions. Why would anyone want to go to market with a fox and chickens? Who carries so much gold that it will sink a boat, who would want to hire and trust a riverman with such a marginal boat, and what happens if the next passenger weighs five pounds more?

It's more fun to ask questions back and make them admit the questions are pointless.

And I don't want to work at companies that think such questions have anything to do with how I work, so I figure I may as well have fun blowing up the interview.

Comment: I hate those questions (Score 1) 9 9

I'd hope to come up with some smart ass answer involving walking on a moving bus.

It's like those annoying questions about having two chickens, a fix, and a bag of gold, trying to cross a river in a small boat which can only carry you and one thing at a time. I always imagine saying that's a pretty sorry ass boat, and maybe he needs some good ole market competition in the form of someone with a bigger boat. Or maybe to say that if I am going to market, what's with the fox -- no one sells fixes at market, so why not kill it and drape teh skin over your shoulder so you can sell the only sellable part? Or if it is a fox market, let it eat the chickens now. Or if you are coming from market, leave the fox behind. And if you are carrying so much gold that it would sink the boat, you are either an incredbly attractive thief target, or you should be able to find someone with a bigger boat, or that boat is incredibly dangerous if it is that close to sinking. /get off my lawn

Comment: Re:Oh Boo Hoo (Score 1) 296 296

Oooh, same old nonsense to trot out. Haven't had a new thought in a while have you?

Was there anything like the 1787 constitution before the US created it?

Was there anything like the Wright Brothers flyer before they created it?

Everything is new at some point.

And Ayn Rand ... (rolls eyes) .... if that is your idea of libertarianism, you really are clueless.

Go, find someone else's leg to pull, and I can guarantee it won't be a libertarian's if that's the best argument you got.

Comment: Re:Oh Boo Hoo (Score 2) 296 296

You cluelessness about libertarians is typical of those who don't want to understand personal responsibility because it scares them. So much easier to assign responsibility to a bunch of strangers, and then to whine about the bad decisions they make, which really means they didn't force you to go along with a decision you haven't got the guts to make yourself.

Comment: Oh Boo Hoo (Score 5, Insightful) 296 296

People are building houses they want on property they own?

The infamy!

I wonder how the whiners felt about the people who lived in the area as the whiners' houses were being built. What, no retroactive self-shaming guilt trips? I am shocked, shocked! to discover egocentric whining.

Comment: Re:Damn, nannies are hypocritical idiots (Score 1) 154 154

Someone else who hasn't bothered actually reading stuff written in support of minimum wage legislation. They make up all sorts of specious claims as to how employers really do have all that money lying around unused, or how the increased pay will spark improved productivity, or how employers will invest in more training for their suddenly-expensive employees .... yada yada yada. All so very simple, by their reckoning, and they are super smart and know so much more about how to run businesses than the actual owners and employers do.

Here's an interesting insight: If I knew of a simple way to make money that required so little investment, I could make a fortune doing so and help others in the process. Yet not a single one of these know-it-alls, these nannies who claim to want to help the poor and unskilled, is willing to put their efforts where their mouth is both make money and help the poor.

Not a single one.

I guess I know how much they believe in their own theories.

Comment: Re:Damn, nannies are hypocritical idiots (Score 1) 154 154

You haven't been paying attention if you really believe " I don't think anyone believes the minimum wage will increase demand for workers." There are quite a few who believe exactly that. They seem to think that business owners throw all their profits into a pool like Scrooge McDuck so they can swim in it, and all the pay hikes will come out of those Scrooge McDuck pools.

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