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User Journal

Journal: Dahhh, must preview

Journal by throwaway18

I must must must use the preview more. I'v got too used to forums and wiki's that let me edit my stupid mistakes.

The ability to edit a digg comment for a couple of minutes is great. I'd be happy with a three minute delay on slashdot before comments become part of the site.
(Although I don't bother looking at digg much anymore, there's lots of amusing stuff but not much that actually matters to me and the comments I think are worth reading are often not the ones that get high scores).

I'v mainly posted this journal entry on the off chance anyone wants to leave me a mesage. Feel free to write comments about anything though I may delete the whole entry.


Journal: Nullsoft Waste, slashdot test network 20

Journal by throwaway18

I'd like to play with Waste and see how well it works with a group of people spread across the internet. Would anyone like to form
a waste network of random slashdotters?
I'm busy now so this will probably not start rolling until the
coming weekend.

Leave a message in my slashdot journal or use my current
throwaway email address

I suspect the thing we need most is someone with a static
ip or domain name to announce thier public key and leave
waste running continuously for a few days.

I'm not using a network name in waste.

User Journal

Journal: Temporary waste node

Journal by throwaway18

I have a windows machine running waste. It won't be up
continuously but you may be able to use it to get connected.
I'l try to set up a node that is allways on but it depends
on getting waste running on a linux shell without xwindow.

Edit:changed port and added instructions.

First send me your public key by posting it in my journal
(next entry up has comments enabled) or by email
Next import the public key below into waste.

Enter in the top box in the
network status dialog.


WASTE_PUBLIC_KEY 20 1024 Throwaway18

He keeps differentiating, flying off on a tangent.