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Comment Re:I've seen nothing but Bizarro World from them (Score 1) 50

Yeah, let's just ignore that little crash in '99 and 2000

What crash would that be? Unemployment was under 5% in 1999 and kept falling until 2001 (graph). Yes, it was bad if you were in the tech sector. More of a market correction than a crash. <Cue Crocodile Dundee> Now, 2008, THAT was a crash!

So, who benefited from that "boom"? The very same people that are benefiting from this one, and it ain't us.

Indeed, which is why I'm voting Sanders.

Comment Re:I've seen nothing but Bizarro World from them (Score 1) 50

Here's an amusing thought: Trump has threatened to run as a third party candidate if the Republicans are mean to him, Bloomberg said if Trump, Sanders, or Cruz were nominated he could jump in. So it could be a four way race; Trump, Sanders, Bloomberg, and Cruz. I don't think that's ever happened before.

Comment CO2-sugar (Score 2) 142

Well, I've recently developed a machine to convert atmospheric CO2 into various simple organic molecules known as "sugars", which have the significant advantage over methanol of being relatively nontoxic. My design has been successfully tested for some time and it only requires sunlight, water and a few miscellaneous other inexpensive materials. And best of all, my machine is self-replicating!

Comment I've seen nothing but Bizarro World from them (Score 1) 50

Bush and Christie hitting one-time Senator Rubio out on lack of experience when Bush's Texas governor brother took the white house in peacetime with a balanced budget and in a boom and left with two wars, the worst economy since the Great Depression, and history's largest deficit. Then a one term Illinois Senator took that and is leaving office with low unemployment, a lower deficit, and a good economy. They're nuts.

Not that Rubio is any more sane.

Comment Re:The technical problems with this are immense. (Score 5, Interesting) 344

To every upvoted point, there has to be a counterpoint.

Sure jet fuel has a higher energy density, but that isn't the end all to the problem. You also have energy efficiency, which to my knowledge is pretty terrible on jet or turbo prop engines. I've been flying LiPo/Brushless RC aircraft for a while now, and in the right conditions your power efficiency comes right on par there with gas (minus any of the issues with ICE engines) In even better conditions, an electric plane can "recharge" batteries on descent.

There's a brand of starter electric planes called "Parkzone" One model (F-27 Stryker Brushed) was a particular favorite of mine. I went to a Gforce Lan event at Fort Mason, and on a lull between matches I flew it out in the heavy winds of the big green lawn. I kept that thing up there for 3 hours on a NiCd battery (usually only went for 15 minutes) I just sort of hovered it, more like "sailed" it and the motor just kept recharging the battery.

You can't really put jet fuel back in the tank like that. All sorts of crazy tricks you can do with electric though.

Comment Re:Remember the NASA Wind Turbines? (Score 1) 180

Current blades are trucked in one piece (per blade) which is impressive to see. Three of them were parked on I-5 outside of Patterson, California a few months ago. There are a lot of net videos and photos which convey the scale.

Even at the current size they can't get through many highway interchanges and local intersections. The larger ones won't be able to ship in one piece at all.

Comment Remember the NASA Wind Turbines? (Score 4, Interesting) 180

NASA Wind Turbines approached this scale in the '80's. Unfortunately, this was a previously-unexplored area of aerodynamics for NASA, and they had mechanical stress and noise problems (including subsonics) and were all demolished. I think there was one near Vallejo, CA being taken down when I got to Pixar in '87, and one in Boone, NC, which famously rattled windows and doors.

The art has since improved. I took a ride to the top of the turbine at Grouse Mountain, that was fun! That's the only one I have heard of where you can actually get to see it from the top.

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