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Comment: Re:Enlighten me please (Score 4, Informative) 450

by threephaseboy (#49229659) Attached to: Reactions to the New MacBook and Apple Watch

Bigger issue: You can't drive an external display and charge at the same time. Eventually you'll run out of power and have to unplug your monitor to recharge.

Why not? Apple's HDMI adapter has another USB-C jack that lets you charge the laptop.
This adapter should have been in the box instead of as an $80 addon, IMO.

Comment: Re:No. (Score 1) 502

Not a great test. 8 years out of date, and they're putting the SB X-Fi against more expensive (the Lynx22 was $600) studio-quality interface cards.
Also this at the end:

Sound Blaster X-Fi - The built-in band limiting at 24KHz and rising noise floor above that make the card useless for wide-frequency testing. However, it had the best distortion performance and very low spurious signals on both inputs and outputs. This should probably be the best sounding card of the bunch.

Poor frequency response (outside normal hearing range) but otherwise good.

Comment: Re:Found several... (Score 2) 176

by threephaseboy (#45328565) Attached to: Project Seeks To Build Inexpensive 9-inch Monitor For Raspberry Pi

The cheapest available option on the Kickstarter is 75GBP, or about $120 USD.
Here's a bare 10.1" 1366x768 for $89
There's also a 7" 1280x800 display with enclosure, VGA input, etc. for $129 shipped, although it's currently out of stock
I don't see how this is really bringing anything new or cheaper to the table. If they could get this manufactured and sold for a retail price of $50, that would be much more interesting, IMO.

Comment: Re:Comcast Business (Score 1) 243

by threephaseboy (#37090548) Attached to: The Five Levels of ISP Evil

I'm in CA and I have Comcast Business, and I have never had any kind of domain helper or traffic hijacking (DNS or otherwise).
I use their anycast servers ( and and they both return NXDOMAIN for nonexistant domains.
The previous servers that they recommended ( and didn't either.

Comment: Re:ISP:s at fault (Score 1) 231

by threephaseboy (#36229278) Attached to: IPv6 Traffic Volumes Are Low, But Nobody Knows How Low

SMC8014? I have the same one. The trick is to not use any NAT on the device itself, disable the firewall and SPI for the static IP, and just use it like a bridge.
I have mine connected to a linux box that does all the routing/NAT (and ipv6 via 6rd), just checked the stats on the modem and it's been running for 144 days without a hiccup.

Comment: Re:SamKnows (Score 1) 402

by threephaseboy (#34992292) Attached to: Two-Thirds of US Internet Users Lack Fast Broadband

From that site:

The requirements we ask our volunteers to meet are as follows: (...) You are not a heavy downloader. We'd classify anything above 30GB per month as being too heavy for us to gather useful results.

That's pretty low, even for most casual users, and certainly for heavy users. I use almost 10x that per month.

+ - Anti-Piracy firm e-mails reveal firm scam-> 4

Submitted by
Khyber writes "A recent DDoS attack against a UK-based anti-pirating firm, known as ACS:Law, has resulted in a large backup archive of the server contents being made available for download, which has been done and is now being hosted by the Pirate Bay. Within this archive are e-mails from Andrew Crossley basically admitting that he is running a scam job, sending out thousands of frivolous legal threats on the premise that a percentage pay up immediately to avoid legal hassles."
Link to Original Source

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