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Yes, which is great. Except that it was not just some edge cases, it was not just hard to think of plausible edge cases. It was every single edge case, so much so that, like I said, none of his robots would last 5 minutes in the real world.

they SEEMED perfect until we put them in the real world and suddenly they would appear to "malfunction"

Yeah I thought I said/agreed with that. As for "every single edge case" well it's hard to judge every edge case because the book only shows the ones where it goes "wrong". We're left to presume that the robots have passed most of the other edge cases. Which I don't think is an unfair presumption. I always assumed that the point of the book again was to prove that trusting in machines isn't like trusting in people. People think, machines obey and obedience is tricky because blind obedience often doesn't take into account edge cases where human will would make decisions obvious.

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to be fair I thought the whole point of the book was a series of edge cases which would be hard to think of that cause all the "malfunction". The whole point of the book wasn't that the three laws were perfect but that they SEEMED perfect until we put them in the real world and suddenly they would appear to "malfunction"

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It may not seem like a big deal to anyone and it shouldn't be. this is stuff we already know but racists are still spitting this nonsense out. They're still sucking at the teat of Watson and Shockley as proof that some people are genetically more intelligent than others. Shockley: Watson:

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but there's nothing even close to a ban

The Supreme Court of the United States disagrees with you.

No it doesn't:

The Supreme Court ruled that under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, if such tests disparately impact ethnic minority groups, businesses must demonstrate that such tests are "reasonably related" to the job for which the test is required.

You can test people as long as it is "reasonably related" to the job and isn't done in a way that artificially discriminates against a protected class. Difficult, but not a ban.

so then it is indeed close to a ban.

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[Life and Death of Superman] - that's some classic Superman right there. Superman vs Doomsday is literally my favorite fight in comics that I've ever read. It would be wise to not forget [Red Son] which like TDKR tells a what if story, of what if Superman landed in Russia instead of USA. Maybe you'll have better luck than I did in finding [Superman: Blue] I can find evidence it exists it wasn't just a dream I had but I can't find evidence that it's anywhere. To be fair most people seem to dislike it based on the less than 7 reviews I've read but I read the back of the graphic novel and I was intrigued. The idea is that Superman doesn't have his powers and develops new ones. Instead of stopping bullets, They phase right through him. He's still invulnerable but it's harder to protect people when you can't be a body shield anymore....etc etc etc.

[Knightfall] - a fantastic Batman book that introduced someone more powerful than batman. There's [The Killing Joke] which if I have my stories correct is how Batgirl got paralyzed (sorry for the spoiler but there's a lot of good beyond that)

If you're familiar with Batman already then you can't go wrong with [The Dark Knight Returns] there's a reason it's so revered. Again not the typical Batman story but it's awesome.

Static/Static Shock - because that is some freaking hard junk to find. At this point I would literally pay for Static but I can only find the first run of Static first fun of Static Shock and first fun of new 52 Static. Those are the only ones grouped into graphic novels that I can tell. It's only made me hungry for more.

These are kinda the stories of my youth with the exception of Static that I wish I'd known about back then.

I know it's not golden age but I don't read much marvel in part because I'm still stupidly loyal to DC, in part because I have less interest in their characters and in part because I haven't read much comic books lately, but I would greatly recommend [Planet Hulk --> World War Hulk]. It's a fantastic story in one of the few Marvel characters I like. Planet Hulk literally brings a tear to my eye every time I read it. I heard it hugely recommended at the time and eventually I broke down and read it. Best decision ever.

[Identity Crisis] is a cool JLA story. If you've seen Teen Titans the show that'll help just a skosh. But it's a mystery and it's certainly an interesting one. It's been somewhat controversial in the comic book scene for reasons I can't reveal but should be fairly obvious in the end. But it has a lot of great comic elements.

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Doesn't it make more sense to word this more as "Pay per quality"? You want a 480p, which will probably still look pretty good an a smart phone but look like garbage on a projector, its X dollars. 1080? Well, thats 2X. Don't ask what 4K will cost. To me, that makes most sense. It doesn't matter what the display quality of your device of choice is, you pay for your desired level of quality. (Quality, in this case is referring to the number of pixels, compression ratios, etc... let's not bring up the "quality" of the actual content, plot, acting, etc.)

that would make sense if that was what he was talking about. I got the impression he literally meant pay per screen inch which is so ridiculous it' s insane.

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An anonymous reader writes "Neil Gaiman has confirmed that things are finally coming together for a Sandman movie adaptation. Fresh on the release of a new issue of Sandman, the popular graphic novel that he first started back in 1988, Gaiman told CNN that Joseph Gordon-Levitt has agreed to produce the Sandman movie, and that both his knowledge and commitment "impressed the hell out of me." ("I had a fantastic day spent with Joe talking...") And Gaiman also confirmed new progress on adapting "American Gods" into a TV series. "People are being talked to, exciting things are going on," Gaiman tells CNN, teasing that its current status is still "wait and see.""
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I think that's unfair. We all laugh and joke about First World problems, but just because they're first world problems doesn't mean they aren't problems. It may not be up there with starvation and ethnic cleansing but Monopolies are still a problem. It's just as wrong to ignore them because someone else is doing something worse.

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