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Comment: Re:Good (Score 1) 187

by CanadianMacFan (#49159843) Attached to: Foxconn Factories' Future: Fewer Humans, More Robots

Just because a pie and a basket are interchangeable before and after it doesn't address the fact that it still takes Annie ten times the resources to make a pie than it does Mike. Her efficiency doesn't magically improve because Mike is now making baskets too. Or are Annie and Bill part of the crowd that only want hand made products? What would happen when Mike starts making pies and baskets is that Annie and Bill get together and open up a fair trade, organic coffee house that also sells pies and baskets that they get from Mike.

Comment: Re:Better revolution in beekeeping (Score 1) 131

by CanadianMacFan (#49138147) Attached to: Inventors Revolutionize Beekeeping

And so instead of fixing the underlying problem we'll put another band-aid on top and hope that it stops the bleeding. The problem is that one day we are going to run out of band-aids or that the bleeding will be too much.

It may be less disruptive to keep the almond orchards but it's the better solution. Unfortunately almonds are making so much money that it won't happen. Not only would a varied crop rotation be better for the bees but it would be better for the water management of the regions. Almonds require a lot of water and the orchards are draining the aquifers dry. But they just drill deeper instead of using techniques to reduce water (for example, not planting so many almonds).

Comment: Not that bad (Score 1) 514

by CanadianMacFan (#49138023) Attached to: Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10

The icons aren't the worst thing. There's plenty else on the screenshot that would drive me batty before the new icons. I'm so glad that I only have to use Windows once or twice a year because I got so tired of fighting with it. Now if I could just find a good software package to do Canadian business taxes on the Mac.

Comment: Re:The biggest challenge? (Score 1) 186

by CanadianMacFan (#49116339) Attached to: Google Teams Up With 3 Wireless Carriers To Combat Apple Pay

Using the phone to replace the cards with bar codes on them is handy because it's removing a number of cards from your wallet. I've got four or five apps for loyalty programs on my phone that means I don't need to have the card in my wallet. I don't have them hooked up to pay automatically but I could with a couple of them.

Comment: Re:Nature... (Score 2) 421

by CanadianMacFan (#49113559) Attached to: What If We Lost the Sky?

I came here to mention this. For some reason the people that suggest reducing the light hitting the surface always fail to grasp that it would also reduce the crop yields (along with the growth of all of the other plants, reducing their carbon uptake). It would also reduce the electricity generated from solar power plants.

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