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Comment: Re:Pioneers get arrows in back (Score 3, Insightful) 96

The problem is that the developers haven't had a chance to work on the actual device yet except for a limited number of cases. They have been developing on a simulator trying to guess how it's going to feel and respond on the actual watch. Once they get their hands on the watch then you will see the apps will improve.

Having said that I don't have plans to make apps for the watch or even to buy one. I just don't see what it gives me. Yes, for some people it will be handy but in my particular case I don't see the use.

Comment: Re:They're called trees. (Score 1) 116

Unfortunately the majority of trees that we've planted are a monoculture meant to grow quickly and be harvested again for either pulp or timber. I've seen the result of clear cutting on the hills on Vancouver Island and it's terrible. Nothing living was left. Everything was brown with no green at all. Granted this was about twenty years ago but I doubt that things have changed except that they have gotten more efficient at it.

Comment: Great, another annoyance (Score 1) 197

by CanadianMacFan (#49475739) Attached to: Chrome 42 Launches With Push Notifications

Now in addition to getting websites popping up windows that ask you to subscribe to their email they are going to be sending you notifications asking you to do the same. (And it's not pop-up windows which I have turned off but some HTML or CSS that comes up which the ad blockers don't stop. I probably don't want to subscribe but I never will know if you never give me the chance to read the article on your site because you block it out asking me to subscribe!

Comment: Re:Well, that's game over for LG. (Score 1) 263

by CanadianMacFan (#49417993) Attached to: LG Accidentally Leaks Apple iMac 8K Is Coming Later This Year

Apple buys their components from whoever is the best for Apple. If they really didn't want to support Samsung when they have all of the legal troubles with them then they would have shifted the processor production away from them but Samsung has been the, and remains, the prime manufacturer.

Comment: Re:No test drives? Open a car rental agency! (Score 1) 197

From the summary he could create another two car companies that would offer a completely crap car from a ridiculous price (or just re-brand Tesla cars if he was being serious) and then he could open his showrooms to sell cars for both companies as "auto trade shows".

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