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Comment Re:Designer Babies? (Score 1) 39

And should babies also come with a set of options like those designer handbags or shoes? Would you like a boy or girl? What colour of hair and eyes will they have? How tall should they be? Average intelligence or above average? Should they be athletic or not?

When you start designing something then people have a tendency to start calling it a designer something. Maybe it's not the name that's not inhuman but what is being named.

Comment Re:Seriously?? (Score 1) 274

Less worries when sharing a pager within a group. Nobody is going to find any weird stuff in the browser history or strange apps downloaded.

Speaking of which it could be cheaper for companies to use pagers. One place I was working had sent out a notice asking people to cut down on the browsing because the data costs were getting too expensive on the mobile phones. We only had them to get alerts from the servers so pagers would have worked fine but since they got us phones many people were doing their personal browsing and downloading apps on them.

Comment Re:WTF is Wayland (Score 1) 151

Actually the summary doesn't mention X11 at all. Even that would have helped. It just says that Wayland has been criticized for lacking network transparency and a set of patches were released for pushing the protocol over TCP/IP. I had no idea what Wayland was from the summary because I've been away from the Linux movement for a while (I used to be system administrator). Even just just including the word X11 in the summary would have made it much clearer.

Comment Re:Short sighted (Score 1) 555

Harper did the same thing in Canada by making our research focus on things that were more commercially viable rather than longer term science. Doing basic R&D is the proper way to grow the economy in the long term. But business wants help to put out new products in the near term and so that's what governments are doing. I haven't heard any announcements from the new Trudeau government reversing this business oriented stance though I haven't been looking at everything they've announced so I may have missed it.

Comment Re:Does Roomba have the patents locked up? (Score 1) 60

Because you could place these at spots where the vehicles would commonly be dropping people off or picking them up and each time they did the vehicle could charge. For example put one at the drop off point at the airport and while the person is getting out and taking the luggage out of the trunk you might get a minute or two of charging. Enough of these top ups during the day might let a vehicle get an extra run or two in before having to return to the garage.

It might make building garages for fleets easier since you would have the charger on the floor. You wouldn't need to have charging stations so your garage could be smaller.

Comment Re:We've had these for 2 years already (Score 1) 60

The plate is used to provide a large area for induction because the charging is done while passengers are getting on and off the bus. Using contacts would be cheaper and more efficient but would require the driver to be very precise in their placement of the bus if they were to be automatically deployed or have live connections open at street level. You lose some efficiency by using induction but gain in usability.

Comment Re:hyperloop without the hyper or loop (Score 1) 218

I have some doubts that these are equivalent costs. The terminals for the hyperloop won't be need to be as large to handle a large number of planes. How do the number of passengers compare? Also the airport terminal has to have luggage handling facilities that the hyperloop terminal won't.

And if you want to go from the first city to a third city with the hyperloop then it will cost approximately another $6B to $8B (assuming it's about the same distance). By plane you build a new airport at the third city at a cost of bout $2B. Imagine then if there's demand for travel between the second and third cities. With the hyperloop you need to build the track but at least the terminals are already built. The airports are already built so your cost is $0.

I'm not a big fan of airplanes, especially for short haul flights but I don't think hyperloop is the answer.

Comment Maybe it hadn't been changed.. (Score 1) 427

Maybe nobody had done any maintenance on it because it didn't need any. From the sounds of it everyone here found it to be working fine so there doesn't seem to be much need for the code to have been touched.

Seems like we need someone to go in and to small insignificant changes to the parts of Firefox that we want to keep as is.

Comment Re:This article looks like FUD (Score 1) 427

The issue is that they removed a feature that stopped cookies from being installed and suggested using an add-on which removes the cookies after you leave the site or close the application. There is quite a difference in behaviour. In the latter case the cookies can still be used to track the user.

Comment Re:$.03/kWh? (Score 1) 173

It's hydroelectric power and probably old dams that have already been paid off. There's no fuel costs. So far that area still has pretty good water levels so they haven't need to build out a lot of backup power sources. Their biggest expenses are maintaining the grid, expanding it to new areas, upgrading capacity, and payroll.

Comment Re:Did they spin when they landed? (Score 2) 634

They didn't land, they used the all new Acme electronic coin toss simulation booth. With all of the trouble and insecurity of real coins Acme is proud to produce it's new product that will ensure a fair decision every time with the latest security measures* to make sure nobody interferes with the result.

* - Source code and testing units are NOT available.

Comment Ugh (Score 1) 144

Single passenger row. So if you are going with someone you can't talk to them during the trip. Or a parent can't sit with their child. Image a young brat misbehaving for the trip and the parent isn't beside them to get them to stop. And what are you supposed to do with someone who is afraid to travel that way? Strap them in and leave them alone?

I know the selling point is the speed of the trip but, for example, if business people can't make use of the time while on there then it becomes less useful for them.

Comment Re:I want every ballot to have a "none of the abov (Score 1) 171

In Canada putting a blank ballot in the box would be spoiling a ballot, same as marking it incorrectly or all of the candidates. When you decline to vote they put the ballot away separately and fill out a form stating that someone declined to vote. This way they know that exactly how many people declined to vote.

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