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Comment AMP is not the solution (Score 1) 91

I've seen it with software development and with web development. People get fast computers and fast network connections and they forget that other people don't have those. They forget that not everyone is in their country and has that infrastructure. If you want your pages to load faster on the mobile web then do the following (it will also work on regular sites) and it can save on your bandwidth costs too

1. Clean up your HTML - Many content generators add in a lot of extra space that easily double or triple the size of the file. Get rid of it but still keep it nicely formatted for easy debugging.

2. Optimize your images - A lot of graphics artists will just export their work to a jpg, png, or gif and say it's done. However with by choosing the proper format, compression settings, etc it's possible to get the file size down to a quarter or even a tenth of the original in some cases. Changing the image size for the mobile site also helps by creating a smaller file and eliminates the need for the mobile device to do the resizing.

3. Optimize your code - It wasn't a mobile site but I once was maintaining a site and the developer was using JavaScript to match items from one collection to items in another collection using an O(n squared) algorithm. It became very slow, very fast. As both collections came from a database I matched them up there and got rid of the terrible code. It was still a crap application but at least it was a more responsive crap application.

4. Stop with multitude of external ads/trackers - A couple isn't going to be too bad but it's gotten way out of hand. Every request to a different server slows down the page loading/being displayed. Keep it to a minimum. If you want to know what your users are doing on your site analyze your logs, that's what they are there for.

5. Add dimensions to your HTML - If you know what the dimensions are of any images, cells, or anything else then specify them. The browser can use that information and start rendering faster without waiting to receive that information or having to redraw the page. I hate getting part way down a page and it gets redrawn because the final elements have loaded so I have to find my place again.

6. Serve images from the right place - Don't serve your images from an application server. That's not it's place. Create a graphics server and put your images there. It'll be much faster and take a lot of the load off of your application server. Around 2005 I was with a group that was hosting a Cold Fusion site that was really slow to load. I save the HTML and graphics from the main page and put the images in a temporary directory on a graphics server. I showed the project manager two versions of the HTML. One was pointing to the production server which got the images from Cold Fusion and the other got the images from the graphics server. The production server took about ten seconds to load while the graphics server was almost instantaneously. I've seen the same thing with Java application servers though not the same difference

7. Stop the modal pop-up - This won't speed up your site but please stop the modal pop-up. I'm not going to sign up for your newsletter, especially if I just landed on your site. And especially since you brought a pop-up asking me to.

Comment Re:People are idiots. (Score 1) 361

When the lander touched down on the comet it was on the news and in the newspapers the next day. It was pretty popular in the social media too. The same thing happens if we put a robot on Mars. Remember how much attention Spirit and Opportunity got?

Now imagine how much people will be talking when the first person steps onto Mars. There will be billions of people looking at a live (delayed due to distance) feed. Every TV station will be showing it along with every news website. It will be the trending topic of every social media site. It would be like someone who hadn't heard of the end of WWII or the moon landing (even the deniers have heard of that).

So it's hard to see how someone would think that the movie is based on a true story when such a momentous event would be so widely known.

Comment Re:Universal language of elements (Score 1) 184

Skip the Walking Dead, ST-DS9, ST-Voyager. Stargate is okay but skip the follow on series. Watch the episode Blink from Doctor Who which was the best one. Then listen to the Doctor Who radio dramas from Big Finish. They are much better than the series, especially the last couple of seasons. The previous Doctors are featured in them. If you want a good sci-fi show I would recommend Babylon 5. The graphics are getting dated but the storyline and characters are great. I don't like Star Trek because for the most part it's the same characters in different stories every week. There's a weak storyline throughout the series. In B5 you can have something that lasts 30 seconds in one episode becoming a major storyline in another episode. And there's a strong story throughout the first four seasons. The fifth season isn't that great. They didn't know if there was going to be a fifth when they finished the fourth so they had to close the main storyline pretty quick and that left the fifth season a bit empty.

Comment Re:Harsher (Score 1) 108

Do they hold your hand in college in the US? When I was at university almost everything was self study. The professor and the teaching assistants are available to aid you if you run into trouble but you had to show that you put some effort in first.

In the final year you have a project that is completely on your own. There is no class. You have a professor to which you submit a project proposal and the finished project. They are available to provide guidance (is the project too ambitious to do in a year, where you might get some information, etc).

My experience is from science and engineering so I don't know what the arts was like.

Comment Re:WWII? (Score 1) 49

When people say WWII, at least in Europe and North America, they refer to the period 1939 to 1945. There was some fighting in parts of Asia going on starting from 1936. So according to your logic I could say that 1905 or 1910 was part of the WWI Period as those years were between the Second Boer War and WWI. The period for a war was the years that the war was fought in.

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