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Comment Re:There's two sides to this... (Score 1) 226

I was just wondering what would have people posting with their real names (assuming they put them in their profile) done to prevent your daughter from being a victim. Or are you just trying to reduce the pain after the fact. The simple thing is don't read the comments because there's going to be idiots on there.

There are always going to be some people in society that will make improper comments. The Internet just makes it easier for their comments to be heard. These real name policies do nothing to stop the trolls because they don't verify the names.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 2) 63

How does a firewall on your home network stop me from accessing any site on my cell phone if I visit you?

No matter what they do to try and stop phones from being smuggled in some will get in. There will always be some that get through. There are a large number of people that work for a prison and someone will have a bad time or be corruptible. With proper procedures and double checks you can get this down to a small number but there will always be a small amount of contraband getting through.

Changing the firewall settings won't do anything because they are on a different network. The need to suppress the cell network inside the prison and only within the prison. Guards, other employees, and visitors won't like it.

Unfortunately it's a symptom of having only enough money put into the system to house and punish those found guilty and not rehabilitate them. We keep them completely shut out of society with no preparation on how to re-integrate and then just shove them out the door with a few dollars in their pocket. Can you imagine trying to catch up on all of the changes in society if you have been away for a decade or two? I'm not suggesting that they don't deserve jail time but I think we need to do a way better job in our treatment of convicts.

Comment Re:Well, not the old way (Score 1) 57

First of all you are talking about doing this to a large part of two countries. Ignoring the morality it's not exactly feasible.

Now to bring the morality back you are a fucking psychopath. There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent people in the towns and cities that have been captured by ISIS and you would be murdering them. You would go down in history as one of the great mass murderers only to be outdone by the likes of Stalin and Mao (I won't go with the other obvious one). You would easily have Assad and Bush beat out for most deaths caused by a leader in this century.

Comment Re:Ice hockey (Score 1) 39

There's plenty of breaks in hockey. Oh, a really good game can get long stretches of action. But if it's a boring game then it can be almost as bad as baseball. Well, not that bad. But you can get into periods where there seems to be a lot of offsides, icings, penalties, and the goalie stops the puck right from the face-off which breaks up the play. And each time there's a line change. If it's the NHL there's a few commercial breaks each period.

I haven't watched hockey in a while, though more for the inconsistency of the referees than the slowness of the game. I've seen a few games of the British ice hockey league and it was really good. Good end to end play. Not the elite players but they were playing because they loved to play and it showed. Kind of like why I prefer watching Canadian football.

Comment Re:Sports commentaries? (Score 1) 39

Maybe you should watch something in which there's enough action so the commentators don't have to fill massive amounts of time without action with inane chatter.

American football is so slow. The 40 or 45 seconds to get a play started is too long (Canadian football is 20 seconds and makes for a faster game). The four downs encourages a running game because it's a safe play and you can normally get a couple of yards so it's a quick running play followed by a time out to reset the ball and then almost 40 seconds to start the next play. I've watched a few Super Bowls and it's terrible how long they take to play. Especially the last couple of minutes. The four downs allows teams to throw the ball away to stop the clock. It seems like the last two minutes of a game can take a half hour to play with the time outs and other ways to manipulate the clock. None of it is illegal but it makes for an extremely boring game.

And then there's baseball. Watching someone throw a ball every minute or so is a recipe for having the commentary being very little to do about the game. Not that cricket is a whole lot better but at least they change the bowler (pitcher) on a regular basis so it's not always the same person throwing for the team.

Comment Re:Asking the wrong question (Score 1) 173

It's also how much risk management and the politicians are willing to take. In the current environment (and for the past couple of decades) NASA has been very risk averse when it comes to human lives so I think that the US is quite far away from going to Mars. Not that they were ever willing to throw away lives but during the Cold War they were more open to taking risks to achieve goals.

The Russians seem to be more focused on the Moon for their manned program. I don't know about the Chinese program but while they are taking some great strides they are taking a slow approach. So it looks like it's going to be a while before anyone steps on the surface of Mars.

Comment Re:Nail, meet coffin (Score 1) 137

Not really, there are many people who don't care about this. I've got a friend who has a Blackberry and she's been sold on it's security. Even when I've told her that they aren't as secure as the latest Android and iOS devices (at least she doesn't look at me as if I'm wearing a tin foil hat) she replies doesn't care if the government can get her data because she has nothing to hide. The end to end encryption doesn't matter to her.

The thing the might convince her to change is the camera. The other day we were out and she asked me to take a picture of something because she was driving. She was really impressed by the pictures from my iPhone and lamented the poor cameras in the Blackberry.

Comment If the effort required is too much (Score 3, Interesting) 315

Then just let the bugs sit since they aren't too major and say they won't get fixed until someone volunteers to fix them. There will still be a bit of effort required for testing and integration but it's open source. That means someone who really wants to fix the feature can come alone and fix it. Just announce that you aren't going to spend your efforts on it and that you need volunteers. Then if nobody steps up in a year or two think about removing it.

Comment Re: Sounds like a psycopath. (Score 1) 485

It's very easy to narrow down the list. You put people in the field but they don't like doing that anymore. First there's a fear of people getting killed. This is also apparent in the military which is why drones and airstrikes are mostly used nowadays. The second reason is a belief that the technology will save us all (by us, the good guys). It will find the bad guys if you just put in enough data and tweak the algorithm a bit more. You need agents out in the field because there are only some kinds of intelligence that you can get by being there. Become friendly with the locals and they will tell you things instead of sending drones overhead. Not every piece of data is captured in a phone conversation or email or text message.

Comment Re:Speed is the real reason (Score 1) 206

Obviously I have since that's all I shoot. The JPG that they want right now if not sooner is hitting the web. It's going to be small and viewed on monitors, tablets, and mobile phones. It doesn't have to be perfect for that medium. It's more than good enough. Will a professional or really good photographer look at it and say what could be better about the shot? Absolutely, but that's not the purpose of the photograph. The image is to visually represent a item or action of interest. If you want to make it look better then it becomes art, not news.

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