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Comment: Re:No rear camera? (Score 1) 613 613

Maybe it would take too long to reacquire everything that were tracking when you jump from view to view versus when you physically turn your head. I don't know if this is the case or not. You still have to re-orientate yourself either way but maybe we're wired to do more efficiently one way. It's possible that the brain can be doing the tracking while we're turning our head so the effect isn't as bad. I'm just guessing. But considering the amount of money they put into the project I would hope that they thought of doing something like putting a view of the back on the visor.

Comment: Re:The project has been a success (Score 1) 613 613

Hey, they are building it just like every Agile software development project I've seen done.

You wanted a plane, okay, here you go!
Oh, you wanted it to fly. We'll get back to you in a couple of years. ...
Here's your flying plane. What? It needs stealth?
Be right back. We'll need more money. ...
Right. We've got your stealth flying plane.
STOVL? I'm sure you didn't mention that before. That's gonna cost a LOT extra. ... (5 years later)
Voila! Two models. Normal and STOVL. Both fly and with stealth.
Missiles? Where are we gonna put those? We'll have to get back to you about that. ...
Okay, we figured out how to put a couple missiles on and keep it stealthy. That's all right?
Supersonic!?!? ...

Comment: Everyone is building condos (Score 2) 937 937

At least around here there doesn't seem to be anyone building apartments anymore. Builders are putting up lots of condos and selling them. It probably lets them get their money back fairly quickly compared to renting out the units. Some people are buying individual units in these buildings and renting them out but the supply of apartments has remained fairly constant for the past couple of decades. I can't remember a large building going up for rental units in that time but can think of at least five being constructed for condos right now in just the parts of town that I frequent.

Comment: Re:Expert in one thing.... (Score 1) 59 59

You are assuming that they have suspects. There are lots of cases where all they have is just the sample of DNA and no suspects at all. If someone is assaulted and manages to scratch the other person there is DNA evidence but not necessarily a known suspect. Same goes for sexual assault though a different type of DNA. And it seems like they can get DNA off of lots of different things now (pizza?) so they can collect it in cases where they don't have suspects. Plus there's DNA evidence from plenty of cold cases that they could re-examine with this technique.

+ - Taylor Swift is a Hypocrit

CanadianMacFan writes: In a wonderful response to Taylor Swift's letter to Apple, Jason Sheldon at discusses the restrictions that photographers face when shooting Taylor Swifts shows. Basically they are only allowed to use the the photographs for the publication that they are representing and only that. They can't sell it to other publications or even for self promotion. Plus they've put in a condition that lets them use the photos too.

Comment: Apple picks up the costs (Score 1) 134 134

So in the free trial to promote the service Apple is supposed to pick up all the costs. It seems unfair since the artists since the artists are receiving some benefit of exposure during the trial too. I think it would be fair to have some sort of reduced fees during the trial period to recognize the fact that Apple still has expenses related to providing the service.

I don't like the argument the artists are using that since Apple is using the free period to promote Apple's service then Apple should pay all of the artists fees. There are lots of ways that the artists are getting promoted yet they still expect to get paid for it. How come they never have to make a sacrifice for the sake of promotion? It's always someone else that needs to make the sacrifice and never themselves. Yes, I can understand that there are many struggling artists out there but the ones that are complaining the loudest are those that have the most money. Taylor Swift could easily make do without three month of royalties from streaming from Apples service but she's the one that screamed the loudest. H

Comment: Re:Krauss won't like the obvious answer (Score 1) 305 305

I don't think the pope holds any moral authority. No pope will until the church stops hiding the child molesters and hands them over, along with any files, over to the proper authorities for prosecution. While the church protects these scum from the law then they can't tell us what is right or wrong.

Comment: A story (Score 1) 107 107

Back when I was a sysadmin for a government department I had been assigned a couple of chassis of HP blades that were bought in one of the famous fiscal year end splurges. For the most part I had no use for them and I didn't even install Linux on them. I think I only ever used a couple of blades and I hated them. It was the first generation and they ran very hot and we had lots of issues with bad RAM. The other three chassis on the rack belonged to the VMWare team and were in heavy use.

Since I had no need for the servers to be on I tried to have the blades turned off but the VMWare team was always turning them on. I would go on occasionally and turn off all of my machines but not long after they would be back on doing absolutely nothing. I never got a good answer from them why my servers had to be turned on wasting electricity and heating up the data centre (especially since special cooling had to be installed for the HP blades, yes they ran that hot).

Comment: Re: The problem with Apple is compatibility... (Score 1) 110 110

The first Intel MacBook Pros didn't last as long. They had the Core Duo processor which wasn't compatible with 10.7. I think the next iteration of the laptops had the Core 2 Duo (which were 64-bit instead of 32-bit) and where supported longer. But I didn't get 7 years of current OS X releases on that laptop. It ran for a long time though.

Comment: Re:The biggest problem the need to fix (Score 1) 110 110

Or, the out of the 80 million potential Apple customers only a quarter of them are interested in streaming music since they already a number of choices. Not everyone with an Apple device is going to be interested in streaming music. I'm one of them.

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