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Comment Re:WWII? (Score 1) 48

When people say WWII, at least in Europe and North America, they refer to the period 1939 to 1945. There was some fighting in parts of Asia going on starting from 1936. So according to your logic I could say that 1905 or 1910 was part of the WWI Period as those years were between the Second Boer War and WWI. The period for a war was the years that the war was fought in.

Comment Re:Wait a minute. (Score 4, Interesting) 174

Yes but the peer review system is flawed. Take someone that is pretty high up in their field and they have their research, people to manage, and they are probably at a university so some classes too. Add in all of their day to day home life stuff that needs to be done. And now they are asked to review a paper from someone else for free. Even if they want to do a great job on it they are on a tight deadline from the publisher. So how thorough of a job do you think that they can do? Can they try to replicate the experiment? Look for an error in an Excel spreadsheet?

It's like what a lot of software shops I've seen do with their testing. The development team races to finish it and gets the application done the day before release and hands it off to QA. Then everyone wonders why the program is full of errors in production.

If you want a better peer review system you are going to have to give the reviewers more time and pay them for it.

Comment Re:still blowing smoke (Score 2) 363

Well, fossil fuels have the hidden subsidy that society pays for all of the environmental damage and health care costs that they do. So if you want to take the subsidies off of the wind and solar prices to do a comparison then add the costs for health care and environmental damage to coal and gas plants.

Comment Re:Not the total cost! (Score 1) 363

And let's add the cost of having backups for coal and gas plants added to the total cost of the coal or gas plant. Their load factor is only around 70%. When it's being maintained what's supplying the power? What happens if it goes offline due to a malfunction?

Let's make it a fair comparison. If you are going to put the cost of backups for one source then make sure the other source has the cost of backups too. While intermittent the network operators can use forecasts to predict the amount that will be generated and plan for it. Then they will fine tune in real time which they have to do anyhow because the demand is constantly fluctuating.

Comment FFS (Score 1) 659

Expose everyone to a wide variety of activities from a whole range of fields when they are going through school and encourage them to follow the ones that they find the most interest in. If a girl wants to be a coder, great. If she wants to be an electrician, great. If she wants to be a nurse, great. Same thing for a boy. If they find something that they really like doing then they are going to be much happier in life than if they are just doing a job to pay the bills.

Comment Non-average Users (Score 1) 40

So what happens to users that don't fit the profile expected when the manufacturer builds the battery into the device. For example say a laptop manufacture configures the batteries expecting the user to mainly browse the web and work on documents. A typical business user. But what if it gets used by a graphics designer who spends most of the time in a graphics manipulation program. It's going to be less efficient for that user. Are we now going to have to specify the type of battery we need when we buy a computer, smartphone, or tablet and hope that it's main functionality doesn't change during it's lifetime?

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