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Comment Good idea, bad implementation. (Score 1) 347

This sort of reminds me of how you can't use Android Pay on a rooted device.

Would it have been better if Apple said "We've detected unauthorized modifications to your device that are potentially insecure. Access to sensitive information and the features that rely on it have been disabled. Please take your device to an authorized service center for repair." instead of permabricking it?


But that's why I have a Nexus instead of an iPhone.

Comment Re:Smells desperate (Score 1) 83

Verizon has always extensively monetized their service.

Remember when they disabled bluetooth file transfers in order to stop people from loading ringtones onto their phone? Or send pictures for free?
How about when they disabled third party access to the GPS chips in some blackberries to force people to pay for VZNavigator?
Or how about when they used to charge a fee for transferring your contact list from your old phone to your new one? (Yeah, that one was a long time ago.)

Verizon has always been a shitty company and they got away with it because of their coverage. Unfortunately for them, their coverage is a vanishingly small advantage these days.

Comment Re:GPLv3 - the kiss of death (Score 4, Informative) 311

That was my initial thought too, but unless I'm mistaken, the GPLv3 just covers the reference implementation.

The fact that the format itself is completely patent and royalty free means that anyone can implement their own version under whatever license they choose. They just can't use the reference implementation.

Comment Money Pit (Score 3, Insightful) 535

Getting into a new industry is always a big money pit. Especially industries with firmly entrenched players with interests to protect.

Doesn't mean it's impossible, though. Just hard. They just have to throw enough money into the pit to fill it, and do it quickly before the shareholders get cold feet.

Comment Re:Embedded Systems (Score 2) 641

Actually, Arduino's environment is C++. The frontend works out your #include lines and feeds the result into avr-g++.

avr-gcc/avr-g++ lacks support for the STL, but you can use all the C++ language features you want. Classes, templates, casts... it all works.

Comment Re:Pleasant? (Score 2, Interesting) 174

Uh? Minecraft is supposed to be nonviolent?

A game in which you start off fighting zombies, skeletons and exploding texture errors (creepers) to work your way to building a portal to hell (the Nether) to get the supplies you need to fight a giant dragon is nonviolent?

Okay then. If you say so.

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