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Comment: Re:I won't upgrade. (Score 1) 669

Usually it's highly-specialized industrial or lab equipment with either an embedded computer (oscilloscopes, waveform generators) or have a computer attached (CNC things.) These are things that usually cost 10^5 to 10^7 USD/GBP/EUR/whatever. (That said, these are also generally things that shouldn't be connected to a public network, anyway.)

There are a few old oscilloscopes kicking around my workplace that run Windows 98. They serve their purpose and upgrading them to even XP would be a good way of turning them into bricks that can play Minesweeper.

Comment: Re:You know ... (Score 1) 358

by thevirtualcat (#47305935) Attached to: Florida Man Faces $48k Fine For Jamming Drivers' Cellphones

I don't feel bad for him at all.

He's just lucky he's not holding an FCC license of some kind (amatuer radio or a business license) or he wouldn't be getting off with such a small fine. (Wouldn't surprise me if he also ended up barred from holding such licenses, but there's nothing in TFA that says that.) Especially since he was also causing interference in the public saftey bands.

Comment: Probably. (Score 2) 236

by thevirtualcat (#47229335) Attached to: Are the Glory Days of Analog Engineering Over?

Are the glory days for analog design over? Yes.
Are the days where analog design is necessary over? Nope, nor will they ever be.

That said, I know a good number of who studied electrical and computer engineering who went into software and test engineering after school and never looked back. EE doesn't pay a lot and there's a good deal of demand for people who can knock a simple circuit together AND have a good working knowledge of software that can talk to it.

Comment: Depends... (Score 1) 305

by thevirtualcat (#47225453) Attached to: When will large-scale IPv6 deployment happen?

As the cheap, consumer-grade routers that don't support IPv6 people have in their homes die off, people will replace them with cheap, consumer-grade routers that DO support IPv6. It will be a slow process, but it will happen eventually.

At that point it will be up the ISPs to provide IPv6 support. Some (like Comcast, oddly) already do. But the cynic in me thinks we'll probably see more ISPs putting up CGNAT and charging people $14.95/month for a public IP, after they've upgraded to a business account of course. (Like they do with static IPs now.)

Comment: Good (Score 1) 376

by thevirtualcat (#47211681) Attached to: Theater Chain Bans Google Glass

Sounds like another good reason to continue patronize the Alamo Drafthouse near me.

Google Glass is just like any other tech widget in a theater: Turn it off and put it away.

If you chose to put your perscription lenses into Glass, that is an unfortunate decision on your part. Go get the spare glasses out of your car (or whereever you keep them.)

Comment: Cartoon Cars? (Score 1) 148

Many cartoons over the years have made jokes about people adding completely ridiculous things to their cars in the name of convenience. They usually end up in a hilarious, hubris-fueled accidents. Unfortunately, it's turning out to be a lot more prophetic and a lot less hilarious than anyone wants to admit.

Comment: Re:Sounds like Tim Cook can become even richer (Score 1) 711

by thevirtualcat (#47156241) Attached to: Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

Yeah, but he can use the same excuses that all other psychics use:

a. "I don't need the money." - He certainly doesn't.
b. "It isn't worth my time." - If you calculate his hourly rate, it probably isn't.
c. "It's not about the money." - Well... okay. He can't use this one.
d. "I don't need to prove my gift to anyone. You just have to have faith." - Faith, and AAPL stock.

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by thevirtualcat (#47156127) Attached to: Apple Says Many Users 'Bought an Android Phone By Mistake'

... why would they do that?

That sounds like a really good way to lose the sale entirely. I've worked in electronics retail just enough to know that people who can't be bothered to research things like "names of products" don't want to be corrected. The sale is far more likely to happen if you make an educated guess as to what they want and let them tell you if it's not what they wanted.

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