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by DigiShaman (#46824145) Attached to: ARIN Is Down To the Last<nobr> <wbr></nobr>/8 of IPv4 Addresses

Yes, there's profit in scarcity. CGN/CGNAT also has a nice effect in breaking P2P which frees up the bandwidth they've been long seeking anyways. For them, IPv4 is a win-win-win all around.

With regards to IPv6, I expect mobile phones to adopt it this standard more rapidly than your standard PC/Server market for home and business use. With the exception of IPv6 facing web servers of course.

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However I will say if I was given preferential treatment for anything to my knowledge because of my color and not my qualifications I would be pissed off to the point of declining that treatment.

And here's where culture comes into play. There are many African American's that feel they are "owed" something whereas someone from Kenya wouldn't have this mindset.

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Funny thing is that people think that I am saying that outcome would be a good thing.
The simple truth is that the Supreme court ruled that marriage is in the hands of the state voters already when it overturned the defense of marriage act. The judges are exceedingly unlikely to change that ruling because if they do then it will also open up the door that polygamy is protected as well.
If same sex marriage was protected under the constitution then it would have over turned the Protection of marriage act on constitutional grounds.
Think of it more as a prediction of the weather than a desire of the result. It will have to come down to a constitutional amendment.

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Actually probably not. Harris and the other aerospace companies employ a lot of programmers. But a degree in CS is not usually considered an Engineering degree. Also I would say that someone with no degree at all or one that is not in CS would not count as engineers. They are programmers.
And we are talking about per capita. Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft are all in areas that have a large population while Huntsville and Melbourne/Palm City are not large cities.

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And Detroit still makes cars. You will not see it coming until it is too late.
It will take a while or it may never happen but I would not dismiss it. Frankly Silicon Valley is probably no better for the tech industry than Detroit was for the car industry. It is a little bubble and is too confident and or arrogant to see that it has some real problems. The cost of living is really high so eventually start ups will get choked off by the cost of relocating to SV and all you will have in the way of startups will be spin offs of existing companies.
Look at the "inbreeding" of developers and management in SV today.
From a national point of view the over concentration of venture capital is also a problem. Eventually after a few dozen more the VCs will dry up and inovation will move not to other loctions in the US but other nations!
A more diverse and dispersed tech industry is needed. Thank goodness for Texas and the Austin tech hub as well as Dallas and Houston.
Oh and if you do not believe that this can happen? Did you know that the hub of computer innovation in the 1960s and early 1970s was not in SV but in Mass? Companies like DEC and Data General where where the innovation was.

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Wow and this is supposed to be news for nerds?
NASA Huntsville is home of the Marshall Space Flight Center.
Melbourne Florida /Palm Bay? The largest town near Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral Air Force Base, Patricks Air Force Base, the Eastern Test Range, Harris corp, Raytheon, Boeing, and many other companies involved in space flight.
Big Nasa programs in relatively small cities means an extremely high percentage of highly educated tech people.

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Culture fallows people and remember that the VOTERS in CA passed the law making same sex marriage illegal. A judge decided it was "unconstitutional" and the supreme court just didn't take the case. I am betting the odds are about 80% that Utah and Oklahoma will win their cases and then the ruling in California will be overturned as well.

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