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Comment: Terciles (Score 1) 147

by tverbeek (#48633445) Attached to: At 40, a person is ...

It's a simple matter of terciles and life expectancies. Average life expectancy in the post-industrial world is about 80 years. Dividing that into three equal categories, you get (roughly) 0-26 = young age, 27-53 = middle age, 54-80 = old age. Of course with increases in life expectancy (and to make the math easier), you could use 30-59 as the middle group, and save a bunch of late-20s people the anxiety of already being "middle-aged", but it's still a bit silly how that term has become (in some people's minds) a euphemism for "old".

(And for the record, I'm 49: very accustomed to being "middle-aged".)

Comment: Re:Company I work for got hit... (Score 1) 83

by DigiShaman (#48626603) Attached to: Over 9,000 PCs In Australia Infected By TorrentLocker Ransomware

SonicWALL baby! I block all P2P and TOR traffic at the WAN zone. Also use Content Filtering to block known sources of malware and shit. You can also block certain websites too. Effectively putting the kibosh on the most casual of end-users activity at getting infected. If they're actively trying to work around the protection in place, it's malicious activity that should render the employee frogmarched out of the office with security!. The 3rd line of defense (the 1st one being end user situationally are of such threats in the first place ( Art of Deception and all that) involves anti-malware software installed on all managed end-user machines.

Comment: Re:Backups solve much of the problem: (Score 1) 83

by DigiShaman (#48626531) Attached to: Over 9,000 PCs In Australia Infected By TorrentLocker Ransomware

I've ran into CryptoWall. Before it rears its ugly head to the end-user, its programmed to first encrypt data both local and via mapped shares. Next, it purges all local shadow copies of whatever local volumes are enumerated to the local host (so as to prevent quick restoration of corrupted data). I can't imagine any of the servers OS getting infected as that would require a user directly executing the malware from console, but in theory yeah, locally attached backup drives could get whacked as well. It's nasty. REAL NASTY!

Comment: Re:503 (Score 2) 389

by LWATCDR (#48624775) Attached to: Google Proposes To Warn People About Non-SSL Web Sites

What about when it misinforms?

If I go to a local restaurant site that does not take orders and it is not running SSL just how is it insecure?
It is like a warning that a public park is insecure because it doesn't have a burglar alarm.
Also just because a site uses ssl does not mean that it is malware free or that it has not been hacked and all the user data taken.

When is a false sense of security a good thing?
And please do not tell me that I should worry about the NSA knowing that I was looking at restaurants.


Top Five Theaters Won't Show "The Interview" Sony Cancels Release 579

Posted by samzenpus
from the nothing-to-see-here dept.
tobiasly writes The country's top five theater chains — Regal Entertainment, AMC Entertainment, Cinemark, Carmike Cinemas and Cineplex Entertainment — have decided not to play Sony's The Interview. This comes after the group which carried off a massive breach of its networks threatened to carry out "9/11-style attacks" on theaters that showed the film. Update: Sony has announced that it has cancelled the planned December 25 theatrical release.

Comment: Re:Ah Tucows... (Score 2) 65

by DigiShaman (#48614499) Attached to: A Domain Registrar Is Starting a Fiber ISP To Compete With Comcast

Have you been to Cnet lately? They used to be the place to download shareware / freeware back in the early 2000s and prior. Back in the 90s, CNet was the premier place to go for all the latest in computing news and internet fads (along with ZDnet). Back then, Weatherbug was spyware and AVG was the anti-virus of choice. Now the Internet is all flipped upside-down. Cnet contains links to dubious apps and tricks you into some download app, WeatherBug is clean (and awesome), and AVG contains a craptastic IE toolbar that's impossible to remove completely without resorting ripping it out manually via some utility like Autoruns.

Comment: Re:'it is out of stock now; try to ask next year.' (Score 1) 115

by DigiShaman (#48610593) Attached to: The Personal Computer Revolution Behind the Iron Curtain

The poverty of a nation is directly proportional to the freedom and type of government they have. They need to rise up and have a revolution. I refuse to curtail my lifestyle so the poor can be impacted less thereby keeping their ruling class government elite fat and happy. Your global concerns is prolonging the problem of oppression and tyranny around the world. Fancy that.

Comment: Re:'it is out of stock now; try to ask next year.' (Score 1) 115

by DigiShaman (#48609019) Attached to: The Personal Computer Revolution Behind the Iron Curtain

You can eat better than the ultra wealthy did 100 years ago. From fruits, vegetables, fattened up chickens, etc. Not just what you can buy, but how product has physically changed from industrialization. Also modern medicine and the resulting technology has had a profound impact on civilization.

Screwing up the planet you said? Look pal, Mother Nature is a BITCH! She doesn't care about you. Your job, out of pure circumstance, is to eat, sleep, fuck, and die. Congrats if you have children out of it to continue the chain of reverse entropy that is known as life.

Comment: Re:Preponderance of the Evidence (Score 1) 198

by LWATCDR (#48608263) Attached to: Linking Drought and Climate Change: Difficult To Do

"Fortunately, most open minded people are willing to accept a vast amount of statistical evidence as proof."
Then get back to me when your sample size is much larger...
Talk about your dumb analogies. BTW you are totally wrong. By the 1980s tobacco smoke had been studied and found to be full of known cancerogenic compounds. They did have mass spectrometers in the 1980s after all.

You like most people are confusing weather with climate. A single drought can not be attributed to climate change it would take a lot more data aka many decades of data.

Comment: Re:Interesting, but ... (Score 1) 142

by DigiShaman (#48608237) Attached to: Want To Influence the World? Map Reveals the Best Languages To Speak

Which is why in fact a Holy Bible translated into Mandarin loses even more of its meaning to being nonsensical; arguably more then it already is. In a book where metaphorical and literal are so deeply intertwined, is it any wonder old religious text can withstand the time of multi-generational translation?

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