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Submission CNN host links meteors to Global Warming->

the_Bionic_lemming writes: We want to bring in our science guy, Bill Nye, and talk about something else thatâ(TM)s falling from the sky, and that is an asteroid,â the anchor said. âoeWhatâ(TM)s coming our way? Is this the effect of, perhaps, global warming? Or is this just some meteoric occasion?
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Submission Good search engines that do not censor?->

the_Bionic_lemming writes: A friend of mine asked me to help him find some cigars, and I told him to use google shopping to get the best prices. Much to my surprise, the search yielded 0 results.
I then looked around and found an article that talks about google also censoring guns from search results.

Since I haven't done much shopping online, are there any good non censoring web sites left that allow adults to shop and buy things they are legally entitled to buy?

So far all I have is these.

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Submission When an LLC fails 2

the_Bionic_lemming writes: "About a Year ago my father started a LLC with two other partners. He asked me to help get him a web presence so I hosted with an online host and set up their website on the name of their new llc. I created the basics, modded some photo's for them, and then expanded it with custom contact pages and patchworked a decent site for them. I then searched for an easier URL for them to type in and found a catchy one that fit in well with what they are doing. They immediately switched to using this on their t-shirts, coffee mugs, contact cards — etc. Since it was family, I never billed for work as I was to be hired on when it grew to a sustainable level to justify adding a tech department and would receive a good bonus as well. The partners now want to dissolve the llc, kick my dad out, and reform the LLC.

Now, I never got paid for any of this, so my question is, do I still own my code, and more importantly, what are my rights since I want my dad to reform his own company under the URL I purchased and allowed him to use?"

Submission Virgin Galactic Explosion

the_Bionic_lemming writes: An explosion at an airport home to Scaled Composites — the builder of the first private manned rocket to reach space — killed two people and left four seriously hurt Thursday, a Kern County Fire Department official says. It happened at the Mojave Air and Space Port during a test of a new rocket motor for SpaceShipTwo — a spaceship being built for Virgin Galactic, Richard Branson's space tourism company, a source said. The motor uses nitrous oxide, the source said.

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