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Comment Re:A-10 for the Win (Score 4, Interesting) 477

The a-10 is my favorite weapons platform. The AC 130 is my second favorite.

My favorite jet is the SR-71.

I'm hoping that we haven't learned yet what replaced the SR-71 , cause if it's just satellites and the x-37b - my childhood awe of a jet traveling over 2000 mph will be crushed.

My fingers are crossed that the aurora is really an asset. That would make my inner child very happy.

Comment Cost (Score 1) 175

Above is the poo pickup cost which punishes all owners - but seriously - you pay the cop to forensically get poo. then pay the lab to DNA type the poo, then Search for poo matches.

Is that cheaper than just paying a few people to walk around and pick up garbage, clean up bird shit, scrape gum, and get rid of dog poo?

Comment About as long as it took me to get my trip to the (Score 1) 114

I took the shuttle to the moonbase yesterday - It's a good thing that in 1999 the nuclear dump didn't blow up and send the moon hurtling off into deep space like the tv showed me in the 70's.

I think we're a bit behind on terraforming tho. I just wish the cost of plutonium fuel for my Underwater home reactor would drop, cause wow, it's still unobtanium.

Now, where's my food pills that contain everything I need to survive without having to actually eat - they have to be around here somewhere.... Damned old age...

Comment Don't worry! (Score 3, Interesting) 417

In 85 years we'll have flying cars, submersible habitats, colonies on the moon, we'll be terraforming Mars and flying around in spaceships.

Course, all that was supposed to have happened - well, now According to the "experts".

Even Ted Danson predicted that the Oceans would be dead in the 1990's (dead before 2000).

Can the folks who predicted this latest disaster be held accountable?

Comment Obligatory (Score 5, Funny) 82

Enter Hungarian gentleman with phrase book. He is looking for the right phrase.
Hungarian I will not buy this record, it is scratched.
Tobacconist Sorry?
Hungarian I will not buy this record, it is scratched.
Tobacconist No, no, no.This ... tobacconist's.
Hungarian Ah! I will not buy this tobacconist's, it is scratched.
Tobacconist No, no, no, cigarettes?
Hungarian Yes, cigarettes. My hovercraft is full of eels.
Tobacconist What?
Hungarian (miming matches) My hovercraft is full of eels.
Tobacconist Matches, matches? (showing some)
Hungarian Yah, yah. (he takes cigarettes and matches and pulls out loose change; he consults his book) Er, do you want ... do you want to come back to my place, bouncy bouncy?
Tobacconist I don't think you're using that right.
Hungarian You great pouf.
Tobacconist That'll be six and six, please.
Hungarian If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? I am no longer infected.
Tobacconist (miming that he wants to see the book; he takes the book) It costs six and six ...(mumbling as he searches) Costs six and six ... Here we are ... Yandelvayasna grldenwi stravenka.
        Hungarian hits him between the eyes. Policeman walking along the street suddenly stops and puts his hand to his ear. He starts running down the street, round corner and down another street, round yet another corner and down another street into the shop
Policeman What's going on here then?
Hungarian (opening book and pointing at tobacconist) You have beautiful thighs.
Policeman What?
Tobacconist He hit me.
Hungarian Drop your panties, Sir William, I cannot wait till lunchtime.
Policeman Right! (grabs him and drags him out)
Hungarian My nipples explode with delight.

Comment They are dead (Score 1) 70

The Gunmen briefly reappeared several months later, as ghosts with whom Mulder seemed to be able to communicate. The trio appeared to him alone, at the side of a road on the Texas-New Mexico border at approximately 5:07 a.m., while Mulder was urinating, having stopped off on the way to New Mexico. Apparently, the apparitions of the Lone Gunmen tried to dissuade Mulder from proceeding to New Mexico with Scully and continuing to search for the truth of colonization once there, but Mulder ignored their warnings and continued on his way. (TXF: "The Truth")

In the comic book adaptation of the series The X-Files Season 10â"which takes place after the events of The X-Files: I Want to Believeâ"it is revealed that the Lone Gunmen are alive and well, having faked their deaths during the events of "Jump the Shark". The group was aided by the FBI and have since been working underground, aiding the US government; for instance, Langly mentions that he was responsible for the Stuxnet virus in 2010. However, this retcon wouldn't make any sense at all since The Lone Gunmen showed themselves to Mulder as a ghost in the Truth.

It pissed me off when they killed the the lone gunmen off since it was a series I enjoyed. Having them show up as ghosts confirmed the deaths.

It's going to have to be an amazing explanation to explain the whole ghost bit.

I'll enjoy watching x-files again - but I'm flipping my middle finger at the idiots that think that this kind of retcon will relaunch the series.

Comment Re:I've got the DVDs waiting to burn .ISOs (Score 0) 172

The reason it "smells funny" is because they are going the facebook route.

You had to give an email that you had to verify, and everyone that has verified that goes into your contacts list will be matched and mapped.

Your calender and other info will helpfully be uploaded as well as your pictures. Adobe Flash is also included into the system, but can't be removed.

If you try to remove groove music you'll get blocked. etc etc.

It's not your system anymore - It's microsoft's information harvester. No wonder it's free.

Comment my issues (Score 1) 106

I'm on 10166 but when I try to launch Visual Studio I get a bad install warning on some of the choices to start it.

I loaded Steam and tried defense grid 2 but the video drivers aren't working properly.

Start up and surfing is faster than Ubuntu 14 was on the laptop - so that was an eye opener.

I hate that windows is moving to type it to find it, I prefer list it and click it.

I don't want to remember what what I need to use. I want the list of stuff so I can find what I need to use.

Comment Look the part (Score 2) 125

Yeah - sorry dice - dressing pretty to become a boss just shows how stupid people who want to be bosses are.

And that's why competent people hate them.

Clothing does not reflect ability. I'm quite sure I can code far better naked than someone who thinks spend two or three grand on an Armani overhaul can.

Comment It's a great idea (Score 2) 111

It's a good marketing move - most people just download the free version and scan. Problems fixed so they won't buy it for the bells and whistles - now they'll get lots of people to try the bells and whistles and might retain future revenue.

It's better than them canceling the free version and make it pay only for revenue.

"Don't try to outweird me, three-eyes. I get stranger things than you free with my breakfast cereal." - Zaphod Beeblebrox in "Hithiker's Guide to the Galaxy"