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Submission + - MST3K Kickstarter about to break record (

the_Bionic_lemming writes: Recently Joel Hodgson, the creator of Mystery Science 3000 that had a successful run of over 197 shows has after 15 years launched a kickstarter to relaunch the series. Previous MST3K Is Kickstarting Back To Life, MST3K Successfully Crowdsources Its Comeback.
In just over two weeks Joel has been wildly successful in not only having over 25000 fans contribute, but actually scoring the second highest show kickstarter on record — he has just under two weeks to shoot past the Number 1 kickstarter, Veronica Mars.

Additionally , Joel had an eight year old girl write in during the long series run , and they did her letter on the air (something the fans loved — having their mail on the air) . A few days ago, Freezepop's Ashley (who was that 8 year old girl) sang a wonderful tribute with Joel for the Kickstarter .

Comment Shrugs (Score 1) 169

I like the series.

I don't like most of the over the top Dr Smith episodes, and despite everyone hating the carrot episode, it was amusing to and pretty cool to see Smith do the sublime thing.

The original show didn't contain Dr Smith , and I think it was a mistake to bring him in. He wanted to stay in the show and mutated the character into a buffoon- and that sorta limited the show. He wouldn't of been kept around if he was just plain evil - cause he would of been tossed off the ship.

The science behind the writing made me cringe. Going past the speed of light was possible when Smith traded off controls for things , but they routinely sailed thru galaxies and had to fear mobile supernovas. And for the first season, they sorta forgot about the orbit of the planet they were on.

So if they fixed it. Made it into a family survival thing without "oh the pain, the pain", kept some science in it, made sure to actually follow a plot (Think how awesome "Lost" would of been if they had a storyline predetermined), and kept the "make it cute for kids so they buy toys" out f it?

I think it would be an awesome show.

I do have all the DVDs for the original show - store-bought. So I am a fan.

Comment Facebook (Score 1, Offtopic) 386

I'm one of the folks that knew early on facebook was utter crap and has never had an account. They apparently can't tell the difference between me and my father who haunts facebook.

Just ran a credit check and all three of them have me on my parent's discovery card - of which I never had a discovery card - and in fact don't have any credit cards. Unless you count my debit card - which has no credit.

My fico is low - despite having no late payments to any bills over five years - own a vehicle, in 14 years I'll own my home.I have no other debt other than my mortgage.

I guess if you aren't shoveling cash into credit card providers profits, you aren't credit worthy?

Comment this is why we have crap for politicians (Score 1) 309

I think that we need to scrutinize election rules under the same constitutional lens we're using for gun laws.

We need to get away from the clinton's, bush's and future obama's and get actual presidential material into the white house.

That can't be done if the media and election laws shape only the rich and powerful to get elected.

Comment Re:memory loss defence? (Score 1) 602

Ka tu nori?

That's my unfortunate trauma of suddenly only being able to speak in lithuanian.

This accidental trauma might occur again with the two other languages I know.

It's my failsafe for a lifetime non-compete. I was supposed to let the company know every job change I have had since I left. I told a friend of mine at the former workplace where I worked that I was working for my dad's consulting business - In lithuanian, which he didn't understand - and since the non compete never mentioned second jobs to the one you told them - well, that's their fault right?

I've never changed from working for my dad, I don't get paid mind you, and I don't actually do anything - but I am employed as a consultant.

Keep the paperwork and just be a dick. The law lets you find a bigger companies rules and will use that documentation if the business decides to come after you.

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