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Comment: the solution is easy (Score 1) 110

Allow them to cherry pick and mandate them to expand to the poor.

Comcast won't have a leg to stand on, and the cherry picker will be forced to expand and compete.

Alternatively, comcast should be forced to make high speed internet inexpensive when the consumer decides to not take them up on television or phone service.

If Comcast shuts up about someone competing with them, then maybe both of them can avoid getting legislated.

Comment: Re:Who has the market share? (Score 4, Interesting) 336

That's a shame.

When i left Mac for windows in 1999 it was because windows had games - It wasn't hard for anyone who wanted computer games back then to make the decision - 3 aisles worth of windows games, or a shelf of mac games. I tell the mac (apple) lovers that the single biggest mistake apple did was to listen to the engineer that crapped on computer gaming.

If Open source would focus on Gaming - then the masses WILL flock over and get on board. Make a Distro that ports games automatically - make it stupidly easy to use, and the market share of Apple and Microsoft will tank.

Computer Gaming put Microsoft in the masses households. If it hadn't been for gamers, PCs would of still been a basement Nerd hobby today.

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