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Comment: Re:Nice (Score 3, Informative) 169

by Ieshan (#49204139) Attached to: NBC Thinks Connected Gloves and "Bullet Time" Can Make Boxing Cool

Boxing has long been associated with a form of CTE called 'Dementia Pugilistica' (literally Boxer's Dementia), which manifests as Parkinsonism (and Dementia).

The etiology of 'Normal' Parkinsons and Dementia Pugilistica are almost certainly different, but at many stages they look similar enough that it's probably fair to say that boxing does essentially cause Parkinsons.

Comment: Re:cool. (Score 1) 176

by Ieshan (#43039569) Attached to: Intercontinental Mind-Meld Unites Two Rats

The Brazil rat didn't "know" to communicate signals. The US rat didn't "read" the mind of the Brazil rat.

Here's how it works.

There is a recording electrode in Brazil Rat's head. It passively records the activity from a region of the brain involved in the task. There is a stimulating electrode in US Rat's head. It passively replays the activity that was recorded from Brazil Rat's head.

The control condition in this case is what happens to the US Rat's choice behavior when they shut off the stimulating electrode.

Make more sense now?

Comment: Re:Case dismissed? (Score 2) 369

by Ieshan (#42141321) Attached to: Bradley Manning (WikiLeaks Source) Given Hearing After 2 Years In Jail

Why does this insanity continued to be repeated on Slashdot?

Resolutions were passed authorizing the use of force. Congress has authorized vast sums of money to wage war. Politicians in both parties have acknowledged that we are at war. Personally, I'm not particularly happy that we went to war, but it's pretty clear that we did so.

Comment: Re:He's wrong. (Score 4, Insightful) 649

by the linux geek (#39314697) Attached to: <em>Battleheart</em> Developer Drops Android As 'Unsustainable'
Version diversity isn't the only kind. Implementation and hardware diversity matters too - for instance, I've run into a crash bug when attempting to start a new Activity from within a TabHost that only occurs on Galaxy S devices. That sort of thing is really incredibly frustrating, and makes QA far more of a pain in the ass than it should be.

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