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Comment Re:He's wrong. (Score 4, Insightful) 649

Version diversity isn't the only kind. Implementation and hardware diversity matters too - for instance, I've run into a crash bug when attempting to start a new Activity from within a TabHost that only occurs on Galaxy S devices. That sort of thing is really incredibly frustrating, and makes QA far more of a pain in the ass than it should be.

Comment Re:botched processor design? (Score 1) 497

For specific workloads, Itanium is great. It can sustain 2 FP loads, 2 FP stores, and 2 FMA's in a cycle, which means for certain types of DSP-ish workloads, it has more performance per-cycle than just about any other mainstream CPU. It also has a very high-performance cache hierarchy, with massive blobs of SRAM and a low-latency L1 (one cycle to access.) The problem is that it's expensive, clocked low, and not really ideal for where it's marketed (the mission-critical enterprise server business.) It still has significant advantages over Xeon for some workloads, namely things that are highly cache-sensitive or that scale high enough where directory-based coherence is good to have.

Comment Re:...and nothing of value was lost (Score 1) 173

I live in a medium-sized Kansas city, and 3G is almost unobtainable. No T-mobile presence (as far as I can tell), no AT&T 3G, poor Verizon and Sprint. The only carrier with solid infrastructure here is US Cellular. (I'm on Sprint, and it's frequently an exercise in patience.)

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