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+ - 35000 Walrus Come Ashore In Alaska->

Submitted by the eric conspiracy
the eric conspiracy (20178) writes "Lack of sea ice in the Arctic has forced record numbers of walrus to come ashore in Alaska. The walrus, looking for a place to rest have come ashore in Point Lay Alaska. The walrus normally rest on floating ice.

'We are witnessing a slow-motion catastrophe in the Arctic,' Lou Leonard, vice president for climate change at the World Wildlife Fund, said in a statement that was reported by CNN. 'As this ice dwindles, the Arctic will experience some of the most dramatic changes our generation has ever witnessed. This loss will impact the annual migration of wildlife through the region, threaten the long-term health of walrus and polar bear populations, and change the lives of those who rely on the Arctic ecosystem for their way of life.'"

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Comment: Re:The way I read this is that.... (Score 1) 491

Have you followed McCain's comments in the news at all? I seriously believe that we would be at war in 7 countries now if he had been elected.

And then there is his VP candidate. The fact that he selected that batshit crazy ex-governor-dumbass for VP is prima facia evidence of senile dementia. Much as his miserable debate performance showed.

While Obama has done a shitty job in a lot of ways, putting forth McCain as a viable alternative is flat out insane.

Comment: Re:"Maker world"? (Score 1) 30

You were born too late. You missed out on sweet shit like the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Laboratory which included:

Geiger-Müller counter
Wilson cloud chamber
Low-level radiation sources:
      Alpha particles (Pb-210 and Po-210)
      Beta particles (Ru-106)
      Gamma particles (possibly Zn-65)
Four Uranium-bearing ore samples
Nuclear spheres for making a molecular model of an alpha particle.
Prospecting for Uranium â" a book
Gilbert Atomic Energy Manual
"Learn How Dagwood Split the Atom" comic book

Comment: First the Stamp Tax and Now This (Score 1) 298

Seriously don't these people know any history? The main problem with the stamp tax is that it is imposed on newspapermen and lawyers, who are the last folks you want to get riled up against you.

This is simply another imposition on the primary means of communication in the world today. And predictably news channels are already getting their panties in a twist over it.

Comment: Sales Team Fail (Score 1) 158

They should immediately recognize the improved value to the customer that an open bug database provides, and present this as a strong reason for the customer to prefer your product over a closed product offered by your competitors.

It's been a while since I used bugzilla but from what I remember the UI is crap. Maybe that's part of the reason you are getting blowback from your sales and marketing team - they see the crude UI that's being exposed and view it is something they want to hide. Perhaps a slicker bug database could be more acceptable to sales.

Comment: Network and personal contacts (Score 1) 471

Really it's a matter of who you know not what you know. I lost my job as a PhD chemist when I turned 50. Since I liked programming I spent a couple of weeks learning SQL and HTML and started looking for jobs. Any kind of software dev job. I found something at a crummy little web shop for poor pay. I was there for a couple of years. Worked like a dog learning wed related technologies. When the shop folded up I had a number of good contacts and people were calling looking to hire me for much better positions. In a couple of more years I was a lead with several folks working for me.

Employers LOVE hiring someone that somebody in their shop can vouch for. It makes sense too. You can[t tell squat from a resume.

Comment: Re:This is supposed to be the *WAY* they do their (Score 1) 392

Ronald Reagan would not be the first President to be deified.

Look at the monuments in Washington DC to various Presidents. Washington (Obelisk), Jefferson (Pantheon), Lincoln (Parthenon).

All of these are designs used by previous cultures in the worship of their Gods.

We just don't call it that because most of our citizens are nominally monotheistic.

Comment: Re:This is supposed to be the *WAY* they do their (Score 1) 392

Governments can accomplish a lot.

That's not the point here. It's a fact that governments always do their best to cover up their mistakes and self-aggrandize.

Holding up whatever public administration is in place at the current time in scorn for doing that is political gamesmanship at best, and demagoguery at worst.

It's inherent in the system (cf Monty Python).

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