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Comment Re:I agree, mostly (Score 1) 143

> There's no reason to post photos

That's the core. There is almost never a reason to post photos online for everyone to see. If you want to send a picture of your child to its grandparents, email or a private message would be more effective. Actually, there is almost never a reason to post anything online. Which means that it boils down to some form of boasting, this time involving your kids. "Look how nice my kids are."

Comment Re:give it a rest (Score 1) 781

> They become sensitive to certain words

It would suit you if you could come up with some real evidence of that. And not that "nigger" is offensive to black people, but that a filetype extension like "bro", which nobody will ever see unless they're quite deep into programming, is somehow shunning women out of CS.

You don't have such proof? Then why the hell do you talk about respect?

Comment Re:Power for businesses (Score 1) 103

I agree with you. I used to be a decent coder, but it's not the speed with which you can code mathematical problems that matters most. In general, only a small core of the problem is of that nature. The rest is analyzing, interfacing with other components, cleaning up administration, and endless discussions over bad architecture documents. Plus it tends to be difficult to keep such programmers happy. I worked at a company where half of a group resigned over Windows-vs-Linux when management finally decided to go with Windows.

Comment Re:Moral outrage! (Score 1) 236

> Whats going to replace it is a website that doesn't exist.

A paid website. You don't have the right to existence of these websites. If people consider ad blocking more important than whatever website you're talking about, *you* should pay for it. If no-one wishes to pay for it, not even the owner, it doesn't deserve to exist.

Comment Re:Back to Firefox (Score 1) 296

I've always thought that Chrome's purpose was to create customer lock-in. I'm still waiting for some move that makes Google Docs or gmail work much better or have extra functionality when running in Chrome.

But since ads is Google's main business, it makes sense that they want you to see them: they own YouTube, they own Chrome...

Adding features does not necessarily increase functionality -- it just makes the manuals thicker.