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Comment Re:Power for businesses (Score 1) 103

I agree with you. I used to be a decent coder, but it's not the speed with which you can code mathematical problems that matters most. In general, only a small core of the problem is of that nature. The rest is analyzing, interfacing with other components, cleaning up administration, and endless discussions over bad architecture documents. Plus it tends to be difficult to keep such programmers happy. I worked at a company where half of a group resigned over Windows-vs-Linux when management finally decided to go with Windows.

Comment Re:Moral outrage! (Score 1) 236

> Whats going to replace it is a website that doesn't exist.

A paid website. You don't have the right to existence of these websites. If people consider ad blocking more important than whatever website you're talking about, *you* should pay for it. If no-one wishes to pay for it, not even the owner, it doesn't deserve to exist.

Comment Re:Back to Firefox (Score 1) 296

I've always thought that Chrome's purpose was to create customer lock-in. I'm still waiting for some move that makes Google Docs or gmail work much better or have extra functionality when running in Chrome.

But since ads is Google's main business, it makes sense that they want you to see them: they own YouTube, they own Chrome...

Comment Re:So What (Score 1) 312

I can only go with you as far as "safe from harm or unjust prosecution". Anything else (and the discussion was genetic passports for websites) seems unrealistic, to put it mildly.

> First, the birth of our country is built on a rejection of this social pecking order.

Not our. Yours perhaps. Mine was built on religious intolerance and xenophobia.

> Further, we as a nation have reaffirmed this basic principle of equality through ...

And reverted that also. The history of the USA is not one of a continuous progression to equality. When the constitution was written, slavery was common. The constitution and declaration of independence were not enough to reject that; an extra amendment was needed. So it's not as if equality as perceived today was present in spirit since 1787.

You mentioned overcoming natural order. You don't do that by claiming safe space. You do that by changing the nature of people, i.e. educating them. Claiming rights that are not grounded in common belief doesn't work: it's ordinary politics, and it can even backfire. SJW has let itself in with the post-modern sociology crowd, mixed up all terminology, and got itself in a state of permanent rage. That part of it antagonizes and makes it ridiculous. Be careful with that.