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Comment: Re:How is this news for nerds? (Score 1) 55

despite the fact he almost certainly has never heard of it before or had any reason to think it was faked.

So then your notion is that it's perfectly reasonable to believe that a World Cup will suddenly be held starting the very next day. Are the teams frantically packing their bags and rushing to the airport in order to make the opening kickoff?

Comment: Re:Seems to Be a Pattern of Behavior (Score 1) 343

by penguinoid (#49820191) Attached to: SourceForge and GIMP [Updated]

Yes, if they did it once are you really going to risk them doing it again? I updated my sig to link to Google's "report malware sites" page. If they take a big enough hit, maybe next time a greedy bastard buys a useful website, they might keep it useful for fear of the backlash no matter how tempted they are to make a quick buck at their users' expense.

Should have done this ages ago, when they started serving crapware disguised as a download button.

Comment: Re:Why WOULDN'T you? (Score 1) 77

I'd think they'd prefer notoriety under an alias, e.g. "The drinkypoo Bandit" rather than a real name unless they could obtain attribution knowing there wasn't enough evidence to convict.

That's why some antivirus companies deliberately change the names when reporting, from whatever the author wants it to be called (when they can tell.) They don't want to provide them notoriety under their chosen alias.

Comment: Re:Eh... (Score 1) 71

by drinkypoo (#49818853) Attached to: LEGO Launches a Minecraft Competitor On Steam

I don't know where you get this from. I have seen many computers where it doesn't run, or it fails to run well. For a game with quite simplistic graphics, it sure does take a powerful machine to run it. Sure it runs on Linux, OSX, and Windows, but it requires quite a lot of resources on any of those machines.

Minecraft does not demand a whole lot of CPU without complex mods, but it wants a whole lot of GPU and a whole lot of RAM. Only full-on gaming PCs (in households, anyway) tend to have both.

Minetest takes a lot less GPU and RAM, but takes a lot more CPU. You can run it on crappy intel integrated graphics that come with an Atom, but it will crater the Atom.


Fuel Free Spacecrafts Using Graphene 143

Posted by samzenpus
from the to-the-stars-and-beyond dept.
William Robinson writes: While using a laser to cut a sponge made of crumpled sheets of Graphene oxide, Researchers accidentally discovered that it can turn light into motion. As the laser cut into the material, it mysteriously propelled forward. Baffled, researchers investigated further. The Graphene material was put in a vacuum and again shot with a laser. Incredibly, the laser still pushed the sponge forward, and by as much as 40 centimeters. Researchers even got the Graphene to move by focusing ordinary sunlight on it with a lens.Though scientists are not sure why this happens, they are excited with new possibilities such as light propelled spacecraft that does not need fuel.

Comment: Re:Or conversely, why openssl is stupid (Score 1) 2

by drinkypoo (#49817813) Attached to: Why libressl is stupid

RAND_egd() goes in the trashbin along with all the other buggy ancient OS crap.

I'm in favor of that, I just wish they'd had the balls to switch the names of headers etc. so that it could coexist peacefully next to openssl, because that's going to be the reality for a while. I've found patches for libressl compatibility for some applications, and rolled my own in a couple of cases, but what a PITA.

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