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Comment Re:Usual bullshit... (Score 1) 112

I thought of that as I was writing but gave up attempting to write out that cognitive dissonance... I still argue that the product had better merits than Tivo did at the time and that the merit did not lead to sales. Just like the Betamax/VHS argument where one was better but did not win. Good point on your part, though.

Comment Re:Usual bullshit... (Score 5, Interesting) 112

I respectfully disagree. Back in the day (2001?) I had a Microsoft UltimateTV for our satellite service. I felt the technology was considerably more sophisticated and easier to use than Tivo. IIRC, the user interface was much quicker and effective and it also had dual tuners. I believe MS stopped selling it less than a year after release for whatever reason. I kept using it as my preferred DVR until DirecTV released their HD DVR. Granted, these patents appear amazingly broad and I have personal issue with software patents like this, but saying MS cannot compete on merits is not true, at least in this case, IMHO.

Comment Re:Baby monitors -- evil incarnate (Score 1) 499

the analogue ones worked in either a 27mhz or 41mhz range, if memory serves. There may have been others later, but i clearly remember the interference they caused in these frequencies with Soviet military transmitters. I could make so many jokes right now about babies saving us from a Soviet invasion (when there were still soviets...) but won't out of respect for common decency...

Submission + - BBC tech head: "BBC not in bed with Bill Gates ( 1

whoever57 writes: According to the BBC's head of technology, there are only a small number of Linux visitors to the BBC's website and this is the reason that the BBC's iPlayer only supports Windows XP Why he expects a large number of Linux based visitors to his site when the media downloads are Windows XP only is not clear. He also thinks that "Launching a software service to every platform simultaneously would have been launch suicide", despite the example of many major sites that support Linux (even if this is through the closed source flash player). How the small number of Linux visitors could cause "suicide" is not explained. Most software processes envisage launching to a select group first, then working out the bugs, then making it available to the largest group.

Submission + - Are We in a Speculative Bubble with Regard to Oil? (

Prof. Goose writes: "Maybe the two most common explanations (or myths) about high oil prices are:

1. oil companies are manipulating prices
2. speculators are driving prices up

Of course, these two explanations are satisfying our natural impulse to find scapegoats rather than facing the depressing facts of fossil fuel depletion. Let's debunk them with some data."

I've got a bad feeling about this.