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Comment: Doubtful 2 (Score 2) 392

by techtech (#49225669) Attached to: Does USB Type C Herald the End of Apple's Proprietary Connectors?

Lightning was designed from the ground up to be a very sturdy plug supporting an iPad or an iPhone in a dock or with physical use. After checking out the drawings on usb-c it is much better than usb-micro, but it is still based on very thin metalsheet and I do not think Apple would change a superior design that they invented themselves to another that can not handle the spec.

Thunderbolt at (thunderbolt2 now) is of open to use by others using intel hw, but it is more for the pro market, or people that have better demands, it can handle displays bandwidth of 5k @60hz and run external disks as fast as internal, which is impressive. That tech won't disappear on apples pro machines.

I would guess the next iPad Pro would have usb3 bus speed, but I doubting actually that apple would integrate that in iPhones. Is the usb3 hw possible to make as small as the usb2 hw in the phone right now? if yes they will integrate it, but if not it would take time as they won't use space of their thin phones to that... As people using them mostly wirelessly....

+ - New evidence for oceans of water deep in the Earth->

Submitted by techtech
techtech (2016646) writes "Researchers from Northwestern University and the University of New Mexico report evidence for potentially oceans worth of water deep beneath the United States. Though not in the familiar liquid form—the ingredients for water are bound up in rock deep in the Earth's mantle—the discovery may represent the planet's largest water reservoir. This research was published in Science "
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Comment: Apple Fusion (Score 1) 154

by techtech (#45031091) Attached to: SSHDs Debut On the Desktop With Mixed Results
Yeah I have setup the fusion system with a Mac Pro (4 disk bays), with a OWC 128gb and a fast enterprise 7200 rpm disk. runs about half ssd speed range ++, Very stable very satisfied with it, there is good tutorials of settings this up on the net. Plus you have space for another disk that backups this combination every hr. Reason is that I use software that stores a lot on system disks, so this works better than buying expensive large size ssds.

Comment: Android versions (Score 1) 298

by techtech (#42185227) Attached to: Android Rules Smartphones, But Which Version?
Have been running different versions of Android on my average phone; Galaxy S which I got for free from a friend. It would of course be stuck with a sluggish 2.3.6 if I used samsungs offical releases; with the explanation from them that it is not capable of running 4+. They just lie, it works much better and more stable with CM7 and 9 and I am planning to upgrade to the 10 stable now... I mean the old galaxy s looks so up to date GUI-wise (vanilla android 4+) and the smoothness of GUI motion that casual people believe this is current gen. That people buy the new Samsung stuff and argue against apple is beyond me. Samsung just rip you off by stopping updating the phones after maybe less than a year. Smart users like slashdotters of course can hack and tweak, but the casual person do get this. and just create e-waste by design. If it was cars, an iPhone would be maybe a BMW / Audi with a good service deal, and Samsung a top model Daewoo or Hyundai, with no service. And all the the androids out there (50%) does not accelerate any development of real good apps either, people does not want more keyboards, useless widgets... and I guess many users that is stuck on 2.3 variants, is looking on their friends Iphone and would buy that as their next phone. It is really hard to argue for android for the casual user. The only good Android out there is vanlilla, either in CM variants or Nexus, but that is again for advanced users. *CM = Cyanogenmod.org

+ - Mars rover finds complex chemicals but no organic compounds->

Submitted by techtech
techtech (2016646) writes "Although NASA's Curiosity rover hasn't yet confirmed the detection of organic compounds on Mars, it's already seeing that the Red Planet's soil contains complex chemicals — including signs of an intriguing compound called perchlorate.
The first soil sample analysis from Curiosity's Sample Analysis at Mars lab, or SAM, was the leadoff topic today at the American Geophysical Union's fall meeting in San Francisco. The findings were eagerly awaited because of rumors that the Curiosity team was on the verge of announcing major findings — and although NASA tamped down expectations, the scientists said they were overjoyed with the first round of analysis."

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+ - Cyanogenmod 9 stable is out (means Android 4 ICS)->

Submitted by techtech
techtech (2016646) writes "Builds for CyanogenMod 9 stable will be rolling out to our servers tonight. As noted before, this will be the end of the line for the ICS branch of our code; only critical bug fixes will be merged moving forward.

Tonight’s release is for the majority of our ICS supported devices, the stragglers will catch up, and we will leave the door open for merging in additional devices from maintainers, external and internal. The team itself, will focus solely on Jelly Bean and maintenance of the CM 7 codebase.

On the topic of nightlies, this release also serves as an end to our CM 9 nightlies, to make way for nightlies chock full of Jelly Bean goodness. A follow-up post will be made when we enable those builds."

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+ - IBM celebrating 10 years since Deep Blue beating Kasparov-> 2

Submitted by techtech
techtech (2016646) writes "On May 11, 1997, an IBM computer called IBM ® Deep Blue ® beat the world chess champion after a six-game match: two wins for IBM, one for the champion and three draws. The match lasted several days and received massive media coverage around the world. It was the classic plot line of man vs. machine. Behind the contest, however, was important computer science, pushing forward the ability of computers to handle the kinds of complex calculations needed to help discover new medical drugs; do the broad financial modeling needed to identify trends and do risk analysis; handle large database searches; and perform massive calculations needed in many fields of science."
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