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Comment: Re:Surprised it didn't happen sooner (Score 1) 314

by technomom (#48839405) Attached to: Radio Shack Reported To Be Ready for Bankruptcy Filing
Agree with you on the 2008 thing. I remember seeing ads around in the newspaper in 2002 or so for 105% mortgages (so that the borrowers could not only get 100% mortgage on their home but also so that they could borrow more for their OTHER bills). The fine print talked about it being APR....and having the rate change in 5 years. I recall saying to my husband, "Wow, how stupid can people be to take that?" Sad how many people were.

Comment: Re:Drat! (Score 1) 46

by technomom (#48556307) Attached to: Asteroid Impacts May Have Formed Life's Building Blocks
Your using the term "Catholics" pretty liberally here. Catholics range, in fact, from pretty bible-thumping-believe-everything-the-Pope-tells-me to those who think the church hasn't been the same since Vatican 2, to cradle Catholics who attend mass mostly for the social aspects, from Steven Colbert to Bill O'Reilly. Hell you'll even find the same variety among priests and bishops. So, I'm fairly certain there are Catholics who believe in evolution and there are also those who don't. Same goes for abiogenesis.

Comment: If you think about goes beyond wearables. (Score 4, Informative) 99

by technomom (#48548109) Attached to: Civil Case Uses Fitbit Data To Disprove Insurance Fraud
"Even if medical privacy laws did cover data recorded by a Fitbit band, it wouldn't matter, Reitman said, because there's an exception to HIPAA for law enforcement queries, national security and many other legal requests." To me, this sound like even X-rays, EKG results, MRI or CAT scan results or even just doctor's notes could be at risk. So, if an insurance company thinks you are lying about your disability claim, they could ask law enforcement to grab up the X-ray of that broken ankle you suffered playing in the beer softball league. You don't need a wearable for any of that.

Comment: Re:Or, just don't get married. (Score 2, Insightful) 447

by technomom (#48129587) Attached to: Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage
Obtain visiting rights at hospital and for couples with widely different incomes, filing jointly is better. And then there's, of course, the lessening of the "When the hell are you guys going to get married?/Make an honest woman of her?" questions from rude relatives.

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