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User Journal

Journal: Projects....

Journal by technoid_

Okay, I have some ideas about some projects. The projects even vary in size. Maybe I will learn to code.

Project one: Data Haven.
    Design and run a Data Haven. Something where ppl go to get/store "sensitive" information. Maybe even a BitTorrent/Warez FTP ratio idea. You get one piece of information for every 3 pieces you donate. This would allow someone to start brokering information easily. Reminds me of Julius Deane from Neuromancer. A way to know things that open doors. Multi-level the data. Only proven traders get the better stuff. Actually the levels would seperate the Ralfi's from the Julius Deane's.

Remember how the guy came to Neo's aprtment in the beginning of The Matrix? Just for a disk. What was on tha disk that was worth money? Data. Where do you store your most precisous data? At the Data Haven of course. Your virtual bank for the data you need no one to keep tabs on.

Okay, how to get this started? Maybe a P2P style client for the lower level people to trade data. The raw data itself might not be worth alot, but when combined with other raw data, and relationships correlated, the data becomes information. That information then is valuable for the higher levels.

More info later when i get the ideas and time...


Journal: anti-spam server

Journal by technoid_

Working on setting up a freebsd anti-spam server. Using the how-to on, but trying to adapt it to freebsd.

Why freebsd? Seems to be more scalable due to SMP support. Also AMD64 support is coming along nicely according to the mailling list.

updating ports/src right now...

User Journal

Journal: lappy

Journal by technoid_

okay, was kinda getting down due to acpi issues on laptop with fbsd. I have to have acpi enabled for nic to work, but then the glidepoint won't work. Turn off acpi and the glidepoint works, but not the nic. Suck. I love this machine otherwise. Nice screen, fast cpu, lotsa ram, good size hard drive. Hell, its faster than my desktops.

To get fbsd running on it I downloaded VMware and installed it.

I am rather impressed. I didn't really know what to expect, but now I know why VMware is highly regarded.

i need to do a howto on getting fbsd 5 running with it.

"Success covers a multitude of blunders." -- George Bernard Shaw