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Comment Re:PuTTy (Score 1) 352

Personally, run those edge cases of Windows only software in a VM (iTunes and certain iPods, Outlook, etc, I'm looking at you). Everything else, particularly web based applications just run better on Linux. Oh yeah, and the boot time is much better for Linux, too.

Submission + - UK taking a backwards step with the NHS (bbc.co.uk)

eneville writes: A UK MP who advocates astrology aims to chair the Health Select Committee. David Tredinnick, a committee member since 2010, has got the required number of MP nominations to get on the ballot. The MP, who also argues for homeopathy to play a role in the health system, will challenge existing chairwoman Dr Sarah Wollaston for the role.

Comment Re: Warning if upgrading from Wheezy: (Score 1) 128

ZFS is a memory hog. I wouldn't advise it. I've seen cases where the file system cannot be imported (mounted) at boot, and that situation is not one that you want when all your important data is in that pool. In general, the FS is poor in performance. Sure, if you value long term data retention ZFS is great, but so is tape storage. Why not just use ext/xfs for live data and tape for historical, then you can keep your RAM and performance. This way you get to store your archives somewhere (like you need to with snapshots anyway) just incase your system catches fire and the eggs in one basket gets destroyed.

Comment Re:oh boy (Score 1) 128

Sorry, you lost me at 5year investment.

The *vast* majority of drivers for Linux are, in the Linux kernel. It has been upwards of ten years since I needed to get a driver from the internet. I think that was for a SB Live card that needed emu10k, it didn't take long before that was included in the Linux kernel. What was the other thing, perhaps it was winmodems. Unsurprisingly they needed drivers and gave poor performance anyway. Nope. I can't see your argument for it being internet dependant. On the other hand, how often do you have to go off to third parties for your drivers on a windows system? Perhaps all the time since there is a lack of generic drivers on windows. Perhaps this is why windows is full of crap and malware due to unreliable third party drivers.

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