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No, the Atkins diet works because most people will automatically limit themselves when eating a diet high in fat and proteins,

You are willfully ignorant. The opposite has been proven repeatedly, that even when the diet is high-calorie, it still works.

whereas the sugar/fat combination we find in many (processed) foods does not nearly have the same effect

That such a diet is unhealthy has no bearing whatsoever on whether ketosis is real.

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It actually doesn't get any more simple than that, but too many people think there's some kind secret or potential magic cure for weight loss. Other than liposuction,

...there is also the low-carbohydrate modified fast commonly known today as the Atkins diet, in which it is possible to eat thousands of calories of fat (difficult, but possible, I've done it ho ho ho) and still lose weight. In my case, 10lb/mo for 9mo of sitting on ass and stuffing face. I'm asthmatic and I was too fat to exercise comfortably. I went from 380 to 290 packing my maw with massive steaks the size of a plate, eggs and bacon, and mixing-bowl sized salads showered with bleu cheese dressing. My cholesterol counts, blood pressure, and heart rate? Never better.

I call being able to remain full and lose weight rapidly close enough to magic for my purposes.

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So am I safe if I alternate 12 oz diet soda with 12 oz water?

Safe from the water, anyway. But diet soda may well have other health concerns, because of the crap that's in it.

Ever notice how some food additives get renamed every few years? We actually had a law protecting us from renaming of MSG and Aspartame, which had to be called those particular things, but now we don't any more and so now the former is being called "yeast extract" and the latter is being called by brand names with which people aren't familiar. This is how you know the FDA of today is evil. Labeling requirements are basically all they should even be involved with.

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I spent a few years drinking 6 or more free coca-colas a day (through two employers with free soda) and wound up with an ulcer, which went away in short order when I stopped. There's many reasons not to drink sugarwater in a can. I just had an argument about this with my lady, my contention was that soda fountains were a great thing but that soda in a can is a monkey on society's back. She thought it was all bad :)

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Plain old sugar, as others point out, is glucose+sucrose. HFCS is ~sucrose+sucrose+glucose+other. Even if you discount the "other" as fear mongering, the different ratio of the 'oses results in different metabolic by products.

HFCS differs from regular CS by 5%. Build a bridge and get over it. HFCS is not the problem, the use of HFCS to replace vegetable oil in processed foods is the problem. It has a similar effect on final texture, believe it or not. So then they load it up with a shitload of citric acid, which also isn't good for you in excess! It's fine and even good in smaller amounts, but not in the wads necessary to kill the sweetness of the HFCS when you abuse it.

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I find it breathtaking TFA would focus almost entirely on rape threats while largely remaining silent on the really insane aspects of this law.

It's really not surprising that someone, whipped into a froth, would make frothy decisions and statements. We do need to do something about rape culture. Handing government a club which they can use to beat people not involved in it is a move born of fear, and it will lead to abuse.

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I think a lot of people are misinterpreting the intent of this.

No, no we are not. The intent is obviously to broaden the reach of government over issues of speech. But since hate speech is already illegal, there's no need for a new law. Just apply existing laws to the internet! Done and done.

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The day you finally finish High School and move out of your parents' basement you may find out just how wrong you are.

That may have seemed clever when you were starting out, but it was a staggeringly stupid thing to say. It must have been nice to skip high school so that you could remain so astoundingly ignorant.

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Trolls are the lowest form of life. . .

People who start comments in subjects are the lowest form of life.

. . . especially the ones behind using the internet to interfere with people's real lives

Just saying something mean is doing that. Pay attention.

Despite it's flaws, the near absolute interpretation of the constitutional right to the freedom of speech by the US Supreme Court


Every article in the bill of rights has been superseded by law, such as the U SAP AT RIOT act or NDAA. Every single one. You have no rights. Ferguson proved we do not even have freedom of press, let alone expression or assembly.

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How are Finnigan's comments trolling? She was expressing her (arguably ill-informed) opinion.

Aye, there's the rub. If history is any indication, this law will be abused immediately to punish other people who are not trolling. With one sweep of the pen, they are criminalizing being wrong. The law of intended consequences.

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They don't make money by selling user information to third parties or by selling ads

Sure, it's not their main cash cow, but they do sell ads, with targeting and analytics.

Yes, they do offer a service to developers, but they don't use it themselves in any app I'm aware of.

Moving the goalposts is a logical fallacy commonly employed by fanboys (or in this case, iFanboys) who know full well that a claim which casts their favorite thing in a bad light is true. And the stated claim is true. You've only proven your iFanboy nature with your above comment. Thanks, though, for proving that Apple fans have to fall back on lies and deception in order to seem like they have a point. Even as stated, your words are false. When you pay for an Apple product (a piece of hardware running iOS) it does not prevent Apple from spying on you; to the contrary, it enables it. And since Apple is in charge of the App Store, and they created this API specifically for apps sold through their App Store, they are directly responsible for distributing apps which utilize it to you on multiple levels.

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Seriously the first three articles I click on have links to apps and YouTube videos of how to do it

google users do not get the same search results. Do you even google, bro?

By the way the absurdity of complaining about an app that costs half the price of the USB otg cable and 0.75% of the tablet cost is astounding.

Sorry, I'm used to living in a software ecosystem where people help one another for free.

In 2012 it was damn difficult to install Cm.

Maybe for you.

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Or it can be employed within a business between teams but only if there is no possibility of their influencing the other team's success, because you should want both teams to succeed.

What I want in this hypothetical scenario is to have the best possible product, and if there are two competing means of achieving the goal I might well choose to explore both of them. And the two ideas are competing, so no matter how much pretty language you dress the idea up in, the two teams will be competing. The important thing is to not see a lack of selection as failure, but as an exploration of an idea which didn't pan out but about which you now have more information. Either you'll have an idea of a scenario where it does make sense, or you'll know why it doesn't make sense and you won't waste time exploring it more completely — perhaps in a finished product which would suffer for it.

Or, maybe it wouldn't make sense to divide your resources like that. It'll depend on your situation. But that's a better use of employees you'll need again one day than firing them and hoping you'll be able to replace them with another unit.

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I know I'm cutting too close to the bone when someone becomes so incensed by what I am saying that they must mod me down for it. I believe both parts of my comment. If you want to claim I went offtopic, so be it, but I was also clearly on topic.

Or in summary: To the moderator: waaaaaaaah

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