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Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 85

Agreed. A huge factor for my personal data protection is its vulnerability to access by deep-pocketed and technologically savy government organizations who think they' need to screen all data for possible threats without admitting so. And that's not reflected in any choices.

Comment Re:Maybe the mayor is a suspect? (Score 1) 399

According to the stories we have, he was never charged with a crime or told he was a suspect in criminal activity. And so we must proceed as if he is not a criminal and, from my casual knowledge of law and the situation, grant him his full rights and privileges as a citizen of the USA.

The thinking that "it's possible he's a suspect" just reeks of Bush43 thinking, excuses, and bad leadership decisions that got us unto this heavy-handed, unneeded, and counterproductive security state that we now have.

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