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Comment Re:Negotiating salaries is for the birds. (Score 2, Insightful) 429

A huge disadvantage of private business is its lack of accountability, and lack of transparency that goes along with it. How can everyone understand if things are working well in an environment where as little is shared as possible? Salaries are only a part of it.

Comment Re:Chapel Hill/ Carrboro North Carolina (Score 2) 654

Public transit in the SF Bay Area consists of buses and Bart. Bart is always late and congested, and its administration seems intent on reducing cars and frequency so that you have to wait a long time and stand up and elbow each other no matter the time of day. The buses take an insanely lengthy amount of time to get anywhere more than 7 miles away.
Fix those things and I would get rid of half my cars.

Comment Hard line (Score 2) 194

No matter the sincerity, or lack of it, from the "current administration" or any previous one, when negotiations are on-going with an entity that believes it holds all the cards (yet needs finds itself 'negotiating'), it will demand no concessions and maintain a hard line while implying that some kind of compromise is possible. Germany and Greece.

Comment Re:Only Two Futures? (Score 1) 609

Actually we need do to reset the upper tax rate to 90%, graduated and of course adjusted for inflation. Back when this was the case large incomes actually paid around 50% tax after deductions and credits, while today they are well under 20%. And they make the vast majority of the income and should pay the majority source of the income tax.

The Republican party has problems finding voters to support policies that benefit just .01% of current citizens. Fear-mongering and extremism is feeding on itself so that its "leaders" argue against each other about who is more authentically extreme, making it difficult or impossible to move to the middle and appeal to more voters. Its "leaders" are paid/financed by the .01% to espouse radical right-leaning ideas in public forums so that uninformed voters might find them attractive. Seems like that snake has finally ate itself.

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