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Comment: Re: Recycle them, Look online on how to. Gosh (Score 1) 189 189

You should just remove 'ask slashdot' from your feed 'cos pretty much every possible question can be answered better by Google than it can be by slashdot. Alternatively if you're genuinely interested in what other geeks have to say about a particular subject and not just so you can write pompous remarks to people trying to start a discussion, stick around.

Comment: Re:O rly (Score 1) 371 371

It's called wrongful termination and the civil lawsuit consequences

And if his employment was 'at-will'? If so then he has just as big of a leg to stand on as if he were fired because wore a green shirt to work on a Tuesday... none.

So long as you are not dismissed in violation of an employment agreement (which are usually worded in favor of the employer), in violation of law, or you can make a compelling case that you are a member of a protected class & that was actually the reason... you aren't going to win such a battle.

Comment: Re:Use of trademark (Score 1) 190 190

using the term IMAX to describe something that isn't IMAX is something that they would need to contest for fear of them losing their trademark in the future. that's the thing with trademarks, you have to vigorously defend them, even in cases you really don't care that much about, otherwise you lose them.

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