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Comment Re:Serial copy management flags (Score 1) 78

But can MythTV transcode CableCARD-sourced video to Android and Apple if it is marked "copy once" or "copy never"? Or are the five tuners solely for OTA?

Nope, it can only transcode stuff that is copy freely. Of course, none of its competitors can do that either so it's not like that's a deal-breaker.

Comment Re:Welcome to 2004 TIVO! (Score 1) 78

Sure, I use a CableCard for Myth. The issue is that it is highly dependent on what your cable company allows, if they have the 'copy never' bit set on their programming then it will be pretty much useless. I haven't ever run into a problem recording something with my cable co. but they could pretty much disable my ability to record on a whim.

Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 3, Interesting) 313

Ditto for me on Chase. They've caught real fraud quickly and got me a replacement card within a week. They've also made it very easy to authorize transactions that trigger their system (large purchases somewhere you've never shopped at will do it). You get a text message on your cell phone that you reply to then ask the shop to try again.

Comment Re:Dead on Arrival (Score 1) 172

Time warp helps, but the more frames you have to interpolate, the worse the inconsistencies are. Using it to quadruple the framerate is not going to fly, because as your head moves, your perspective shifts, and time warp can't account for changes in perspective. There's also the issue that time warp does nothing for the game world itself, and your view moving around at 120Hz while everything in the world is moving at 30Hz is not exactly ideal either.

Comment Re:Dead on Arrival (Score 2) 172

Motion blur in VR makes you sick to your stomach and makes it really hard to see what's going on. The DK1 suffered from lots of motion blur, and it was very unpleasant. The DK2 added a low-persistence display (the OLEDs turn off while the pixels are changing, and only stay on a shorter amount of time, tricking your brain into reduced perceived motion blur) and it was a huge improvement.

Comment Re:It's the pedestrians (Score 2) 278

Based on your claim, the fastest you could ever drive in San Francisco is about 5 mph, because the pedestrians are simply that stupid. They will step into fast moving traffic no where near a crosswalk and scream obscenities at you when you have to slam on your brakes and swerve around them, narrowly avoiding turning them into a stain.

If you drive just one time in San Francisco, you'd also accept the insanity or stupidity of the average San Francisco pedestrian.

Comment Re:Just makes them look even more guilty (Score 1) 322

Sorry, which political party aren't full of corporatists again?

Neither. The problem is the voting system in the US, which pretty much guarantees a two party system. Both the major parties have completely sold out to the corporations, and there isn't anything we can do because the system is rigged to prefer two parties, and only two parties. Both parties are authoritarian corporatists and it will never change because the people who would need to act to change it are the very people who would lose power by changing it. It's the same reason term limits or campaign finance reform never get passed.

Comment Re:Probably just some fuckery (Score 1) 212

What's more reasonable, that some MS drone fucked up, or that the NSA compromised their update servers to illegally wiretap every system on the planet, Batman style, just sort of hoping no one would notice? Where's Morgan Freeman when you need him?

Why would the NSA need to compromise the update servers? They just send a National Security Letter to Microsoft and their backdoor gets put into the OS when it ships, they don't need to slip it into an update.

Comment Re:Just makes them look even more guilty (Score 4, Insightful) 322

So charge them with fraud if they can't be charged under the clean air act. They deliberately misrepresented their product to customers to make greater profits, seems like a textbook case of fraud to me. Of course, since they are a large corporation they will probably skate with a small fine. You get the government you voted for, I hope all the people who vote for the corporatists each election are happy with the outcome.

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