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Comment: B612 Foundation Is An Asteroid Defence Group (Score 2) 172

by szyzyg (#46824889) Attached to: Asteroid Impacts Bigger Risk Than Thought

They're nothing to do with nuclear test monitoring, they just happened to use data from the monitoring network to count the number of kiloton scale events in the last decade or so.

The B612 Foundation is a non profit organization trying to raise money for a asteroid discovery spacecraft, a telescope that will sit down near Venus's orbit and look outwards, enabling it to see asteroids near earth without the sun dazzling the optics (half the asteroids passing near earth are invisible because they are too close to the sun). It's not an unreasonable goal when you consider that high profile museums and educational institutions regularly raise hundreds of millions of dollars in donations.

Comment: Re:BS (Score 3, Insightful) 88

by szyzyg (#45239261) Attached to: <em>Star Citizen's</em> Crowdfunding-Driven Grey Market

The problem is:
Trading forums deliberately suppressing information on actual prices and alternatives.
Package resellers on Amazon & Ebay charging large markups because the buyers don't know the mechanics.
Star Citizen MODERATORS in charge of enforcing the trading bans on the official forum directing users to their own trading service.

In short, the problem is information asymmetry, which this article attempts to address.

+ - Star Citizen's Crowdfunding Driven Grey Market->

Submitted by szyzyg
szyzyg (7313) writes "Star Citizen has broken all the crowdfunding records, raising almost 25million dollars in the last year to fund Chris Roberts' promise of the ultimate spaceship game. However an investigation by journalists sheds light on a murky secondary market where items are being resold by investors for profit, all for an game that won't be fully released for 2 years. The standard crowdfunding tactic of rewarding early backers has created a tiered system with ample room for profiteering, profits which many not be shared with the developers. Few thing would please me more than Star Citizen succeeding, but backers should read this article before being tempted to trade up their internet spaceships through a third party."
Link to Original Source

+ - Kerbal Space Program Played By Real Astronauts and Space Scientists

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Kerbal Space Program is the indie sandbox game that lets you build rockets that are simulated using a physics engine, it's popularity has spread beyond gaming into space industry professionals. Former Astronaut Ed Lu, who's day job includes 'saving the world from killer asteroids' sat down with Scott Manley to see if his experience would help him. And it turns out that there are employees at JPL who are quite obsessed with the game."

Comment: Re:Apple to Windows (Score 1) 413

by droopus (#43578119) Attached to: My most frequent OS migration path?

The 1200 was second gen Amiga. My first was a 1000 (with the optional 256k RAM module in front) and I preferred it to my Mac. I remember spending $600 for a RAM module the size of a hardback book that hooked to a huge port on the side and gave me (gasp) 1MB of RAM. That was enough to run the whole OS in RAM. This was my bbs machine, and my CI$ and Genie box. I used a C128 to run Quantum Link.

I got a 3000 in 1990 but soon went Mac and Linux for good.

Comment: Loved My Nexus - Shame The Screen Breaks So Easily (Score 1) 58

by szyzyg (#41620019) Attached to: Google Wades Further Into Hardware With "Nexus Call Center"

It's a great tablet, but, the screen cracked when I pushed the power button and rendered the touchscreen inoperative, currently ASUS is telling me that any screen damage resulting from use is not covered under warranty.

Here's a video of the damage:

Computers can figure out all kinds of problems, except the things in the world that just don't add up.