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+ - Star Citizen's Crowdfunding Driven Grey Market->

Submitted by szyzyg
szyzyg (7313) writes "Star Citizen has broken all the crowdfunding records, raising almost 25million dollars in the last year to fund Chris Roberts' promise of the ultimate spaceship game. However an investigation by journalists sheds light on a murky secondary market where items are being resold by investors for profit, all for an game that won't be fully released for 2 years. The standard crowdfunding tactic of rewarding early backers has created a tiered system with ample room for profiteering, profits which many not be shared with the developers. Few thing would please me more than Star Citizen succeeding, but backers should read this article before being tempted to trade up their internet spaceships through a third party."
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+ - Ask Slashdot: How Do I Deal With Organizations Double Down On The DMCA Process?->

Submitted by
szyzyg writes "I've created som popular science videos showing how asteroid discoveries have happened over the last few decades. However I've run into a problem with a religious orgnization which borrowed my video and redubbed it to promote their religious message. Ultimately I filed a DMCA takedown request via Youtube's site, it's as easy as filling in a form and the video was removed. But this organization has since submitted a counterclaim claiming 'under penalty of perjury' that they do in fact have the rights to this work, and youtube has reinstated the video. It looks like the only way I can pursue this further is to spend the money to take the organization to court and get an injunction, but even if I did so I'd have to pay court costs up front and since they're based in another country I'd have a difficult time actually collecting any money from the other party. It feels like this other group is simply gambling that I won't spend the time and resources to take further legal action, the DMCA is supposed to provide equal protection but the more lawyer you have the more 'equal' you are. So does anyone have any suggestions for how I should proceed here?"
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+ - Full Moon Passing Through Pleiades Tonight

Submitted by
szyzyg writes "Two of the most prominent objects in the night sky — the Moon and Pleaides — line up tonight — The exact time this happens depends on your location on the East Coast of the US its around 8pm, while on the west coast it starts around 5pm (before the sun has truly set) and in Europe it'll be nearer 3am GMT. The moon is so bright that it will be hard to see the stars without a telescope or camera, but the moon isn't quite full just yet and using even a small scope you can watch the stars disappear behind the small sliver of dark side still visible. For those of you in the SF bay area I created a little animation showing what's happening (because we're going to miss the start ;-)"

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