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Comment: RIAA sues (Cu) Copper (Score 1, Funny) 495

by sylvainsf (#21004121) Attached to: RIAA Sues
The major record labels have launched a copyright infringement lawsuit against the atomic element Cu (copper.) The complaint, filed in the federal District Court in New York, accuses Cu of providing access to millions of copyright-infringing files and slams it for touting its properties as a "low resistance conduit for those seeking pirated content." Cu has been unable to comply with the labels' requests to block access to alleged "copyright infringing electrical signals," as it is an element.

+ - NBC: "Piracy more serious than burglary and fr

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "ArsTechnica is reporting how detached and manipulative the discussion about copyright is becoming: 'NBC/Universal general counsel Rick Cotton suggests that society wastes entirely too much money policing crimes like burglary, fraud, and bank-robbing, when it should be doing something about piracy instead. "Our law enforcement resources are seriously misaligned," Cotton said. "If you add up all the various kinds of property crimes in this country, everything from theft, to fraud, to burglary, bank-robbing, all of it, it costs the country $16 billion a year. But intellectual property crime runs to hundreds of billions [of dollars] a year." '"

+ - free video and audio lectures on science

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Scorpio writes "It has plenty of video lectures on all science and technoloy, that includes Computer science, Electronics, VLSI, ASIC design, Networking, maths, Physics, Chemistry,Biology, Psychology, Physiology, anatomy & physiology, aerospace & astronomy, Medicine,webdesigning, Business, leadership, Economics, Genetics etc....."

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