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Comment: Re:Using Linux would prevent these Cisco mishaps! (Score 2) 112 112

Get with the times, the Big Iron Networking gear (like usead at Google and Facebook) are switches running Linux.

Comment: Processor Architecture (Score 5, Interesting) 383 383

Several years ago, you were employed by Transmeta designing the Crusoe processor. I understand you are quite knowledgeable about cpu architecture. What are your thoughts on the Current Intel and AMD x86 CPUs particularly in comparison with ARM and IBM's Power8 CPUs? Where do you see the advantages of each one?

Comment: Re:Laptops (Score 1) 383 383

Really? Let's ignore the fact taht just about any modern laptop will support Linux with maybe needing to download some Video drivers (or with Optimus, changing a setting in BIOS to disable the dual Optimus setting)

Not as many Windows laptops, but plenty out there.

Comment: Re:What is being missed... is the $2 million part. (Score 5, Insightful) 456 456

And what do you do if a part dies? Where are you going to get parts for something that has not been manufactured for 20+ years?

Obviously it needs to be replaced just so you can have something that can be repaired. The $2mil probably includes upgrading a large part of the HVAC system. If you have a 20+ year old computer controlling the HVAC, then you probably have a 20+ old HVAC.

Comment: Re:This works 100% (Score 1) 260 260

At +- 100-200 Calories( really kilocalories)and less than 2000, preferably less than 1800 (at normal activity levels), Insulin levels play a bigger role than total calories. Insulin is a hormone and in addition to promoting cells to burn glucose, at high level it promotes cells to convert glucose to fat.

There is a decided link to promoting eating more sugar and starch and the US population turning fat.

Comment: Re:Article doesn't answer two biggest questions (Score 5, Informative) 108 108

I have had a Zenfone2 for over a month now. I am at about 50% after 16 hours with moderate usage- checking email connected to Zenwatch, streaming music for a few hours, and checking a few websites through out the day, and play a few games.

Everything feels smooth and no lag anywhere. While I have heard of some folks with applications not working on an Atom, I have not experienced any issues. Hulu, Netflix, Youtube all play smooth and cast to my Chromecast fine. Games play fantastic.

Overall it has been a very nice phone and I am more pleased with it than my prior Nexus 5.

Comment: Re:"Full responsibilty?" (Score 2) 334 334

Originally dance cards were small booklets for women to record the names of men they intend to dance with.

During WWII, Women would record the names of the men they danced with at USO dances. Saying your dance card was full was any easy way to avoid someone particular.

Comment: Re:Cherry MX switches (Score 1) 452 452

I have a Razer Blackwidoe Stealth, that uses the Cherry Brown switches at home and a KBtalking that uses Cherry Brown at work. I like having a backlight at home, and bluetooth wireless at work is nice for when I grab the notebook to go to a meeting and not mess with a bunch of cords.

Getting one that uses O-rings sounds like a nice addition, as I still get a bit of a clack with plastic hitting plastic.

Comment: Re:Range Anxiety is Real (Score 1) 286 286

I don't see how a software update could really fix this issue. Maybe there's a way to make the Telsa more efficient but that only gives you more range, it doesn't eliminate range anxiety. Or they design the car to outright lie to the user about how much range is left by severely underestimating.

Oh, like the Volt lies to us about how much battery it has. I have seen estimates that the Volt reserves as much as half it's total capacity. The Volt definately has more electric charge when it reports the battery is drained. I have experienced it when I let the batter completely "drain" and the car shifts over to gas power, yet spends several minutes with the gas engine idling so the engine can warm up and lubricate.

Not that I care much. The battery lasts more than my regular commute. I even ran out of fuel and switched over to battery once.

Comment: Re:It isn't fundamental. (Score 2) 246 246

Same is true in the US.

Take a look at Kennesaw, GA mandating guns, and Morton Grove, IL banning guns. Kennesaw sees violent crimes and crime in general go down, Morton Grove sees an uptick. Preventing Citizens from owning guns when criminals own guns is the problem.

Comment: Re:Isn't this all of them? (Score 3, Insightful) 412 412

500 mg or more of Cinnamon helps insulin sensitivity- close to what the diabetic drug Metformin does. However, a number of cinnamon pills are bogus- sawdust and cinnamon oil often times.

500 mg -1000mg of Niacin (nicotinic acid) raises HDL (even more effective when combined with large doses of fish oil).

Some supplements do work. It is bad enough to try and figure out which supplement contains the right form of Niacin, compared to figuring out if the supplement even contains the ingredients on the label.

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