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Comment Re: in-vehicle concierge (Score 1) 417

Some features are great, and not everyone wants the same exact set.

I love the Pandora App. It is essentially a shortcut: Car stereo connects via bluetooth to my cell phone, start Pandora on my Cell, then play the most recently selected station on Pandora. I do not need to pull out my cell phone and mess around trying to get it to sync and start playing some music streaming app.

Comment Re:Does Laid off = fired? (Score 1) 179

I was "fired" at my last job. 2 years I received 10K raises for the good work I was doing, then when I am on vacation. Then there is a problem with with an install while I am on vacation, and I take the fall. The company tried to claim it was for cause, but the State denied that claim immediately.

The reality was the company was hemorrhaging cash during the recession, and was trying to lay off employees, but not pay unemployment. Almost half the staff was let go over the course of the year, and no one was denied unemployment, though the company tried with everyone.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 663

Calories matter, but source of Calories matter almost as much. Starch and sugars (Carbs) raise insulin levels. Insulin not only helps are bodies burn glucose, but at high levels of insulin, convert glucose into fat.

Low carb diets take advantage of low insulin levels to keep the body from converting food into fat storage. Other processes help too, such that fat, protein, and fiber take longer to process so keep on feeling satiated longer. One still needs to track food, but it becomes easier.

It is much easier to feel full eating a small salad, an 8oz steak and a side of steamed asparagus then it is to eat a 4oz steak and baked potato even if the two have equal amounts of calories. The former is also more nutritionally complete and keep insulin levels low.

Comment Re:It's news to me (Score 1) 62

I read a credit card just by looking at the front of the card. I generally use a piece of technology to read the card- glasses.

A few years ago, I used a credit card at a Restaurant, and the waiter must have copied down the number as a week later, I get a Call from Visa Fraud Prevention. Someone was using my card across the State from where I live. And they were swiping a card at gas stations. It is not really necessary to read the mag stripe to steal a credit card number.

This is why I use a Visa or MasterCard, so I am protected when someone steals my card number. It is going to happen eventually, as it is way to easy to copy down someone's number and reuse it.

Comment Re:How do they fare in colder climates? (Score 1) 904

On the coldest day last year (sub 0F), my Volt had about 25 miles range. In the spring, with mild temperatures, I can get 40 miles. In the summer, with temps up to 100F, I get about 35-37 miles. It drives fantastic on the snow, as the batteries provide even weight distribution and a low center of gravity.

I am never concerned about range, as I have a tank of gas as backup. I try to avoid using gas, not only to be green, but I am a cheap bastard and do not want to spend 3 the fuel cost for gas.

Comment Re:Risk vs. Reward (Score 1) 227

That is why I do it on my tablet and not my phone. Worse case scenario, I have to restore a backup from the week before. The day I give notice is the day I remove the corporate software. The convenience of using the tablet over having to boot up the work laptop all the time outweighs the minor convenience.

Comment Re:Risk vs. Reward (Score 1) 227

Yeah, exactly. My employer has policies regarding using personal devices for work: Namely password protect, don't root, and agree to remote wipe.

You cannot use your work laptop for personal use, but as long as it does not affect your productivity, then you can use your own device at work for personal use.

Comment Re:Using Linux would prevent these Cisco mishaps! (Score 2) 112

Get with the times, the Big Iron Networking gear (like usead at Google and Facebook) are switches running Linux.

Somebody ought to cross ball point pens with coat hangers so that the pens will multiply instead of disappear.