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Comment hey, son, jam that IAB right up your ass. (Score 4, Insightful) 539

let me tell you about The Market (tm), you idiot. you put something out there. if it sells, you do more. if it tanks, you change things up or quit.

high-content bandwidth hog ads, especially delaying real content until those gobble gobble bastards are loaded and running, is not wanted. that's why we have ad blockers.

if you would get your crap together at stop what you're doing, you would be smart in The Market (tm).

if you piss and moan and toss crap off the podium, block your business when you smell an ad blocker, and refuse to do what The Market (tm) is telling you to do, you will fail, collapse, and go away.

and you are, so you are a raving idiot. screw you. I am keeping my blockers up.

Comment catch it in the middle, then, coppers (Score 2) 231

get a warrant, use a snooper, spend a week cracking the data.

haven't the Big Feds said all the terrorist activity is headed into the Dark Web anyway, and Google says best advice is block them from the indexed web?

lazy ass bastards don't have phone books to read and laugh at silly names any more, so they want to randomly hack phones for fun and profit.

Comment upgradeables are long overdue (Score 1) 111

the manufacturers make running changes all the time, that's why when you go in to buy a part, and they look it up, it crosses to a new number. which may cross to another one.

so why can't they change the labelling to, say, "mode 3 autosteer processor, required plug G-C-F-T-L depending on make." that's pretty much how the carmakers are buying the train loads of those modules from Continental or Adelphi. government testing will have to change, also, to a modular approach.

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