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Comment you've never been near high places, then, son (Score 1) 141

at some point in your life, have you ever listened to AM radio or broadcast television? their stuff gets hit with lightning all the time. if a really good thunderstorm happens to float over their tower, AM radio tends to sound like "Weather Desk Radar shows the //SPLATbzzHummm// county, with //SPLATbzzHummm// t's the latest repor //SPLATbzzHummm//" with the transmitter knocked off the air every few seconds by a direct hit. in NTSC television, the return would be about 3-4 seconds of variable contrast and variable quality sound all over the place.

many are the films and photos of multiple lightning hits on the Empire State Building, because it's tall enough and prominent enough that folks single it out for their photo assignments.

Comment you already have a good disaster detector (Score 2) 37

the "missing bit" detector is in the architecture. if Area X stops moving traffic, for instance, there is stuff happening there that is overwhelming. might be the power's out. but it might be a flood, hurricane, alien landing, etc. if you can't ping anything in the area, start checking the ham bands and the visible satellites...

Comment they said that about radio, posters, bumper sticke (Score 1) 67

and door knocks, too. and the answer is, heck yes, they damn well better influence elections, we're spending a tubload of money for it.

something else that influences elections... if you see a candidate that is batwing insane babbling total bullshit, remember that. don't vote for them.

there, now I'm evil, too. bwa-ha-haaaa, vote for tweedeldum.

Comment 8.1 randomly decides to not open or shut down here (Score 1) 485

sack 'o' pus updates often don't say whether they are working, don't shut down. I have had to pull the battery out of my laptop to be able to eat supper or go to bed so many times the gold is probably rubbed off the contacts. there is no excuse for hijacking the computer and not saying a damn thing about it, Softies....

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