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Comment: it's a security nightmare, distributed (Score 1) 384

by swschrad (#49737581) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Solve a Unique Networking Issue?

not a central one at this point. I will bet you a gallon of Ethyl that the pumps have hardcoded authentication, and the software probably has enough holes you could drive the Indy 500 through.

you don't want that on a network. not even for a little bit. you want that locked behind a panel. if there is no security, all you have is obscurity.

Comment: I would only buy a Keurig for Cats (Score 1) 270

by swschrad (#49699081) Attached to: Here Comes the Keurig of Everything

the other stuff does not appeal to me. bleah. however, set the Keuritty on the floor, let the cats pick what they want to eat by pushing the lever... that's no problem. I could do that machine. as long as it doesn't use those damn DRM containers.

running power to it would be another issue, but hey, I have a coil of 12/2-WG still begging to be opened...

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