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Comment: you could also say Oracle was built to fail (Score 1) 161

by swschrad (#46787885) Attached to: Oracle Deflects Blame For Troubled Oregon Health Care Site

that the software was not capable of being understood, or the documentation was skanty and faulty, that the Oracle consultants were dunderheads and got in the way, on and on.

nice opportunity for a court of law and special masters to sort out. make it happen. King Ellison I is not always right.

Comment: breakups damage synergies (Score 4, Informative) 150

by swschrad (#46787755) Attached to: Investors Value Yahoo's Core Business At Less Than $0

common flaw in greenmailer philosophy... except they only care about the now, and screw the future.

the subsidiary operations that look cash-positive are dependent on services from the core company, and generally share synergies (back-office costs, research, brand value, facilities, yo'momma, whatever) which make them look better on the spreadsheet.

take that away in a breakup, all of a sudden the "haves" are hurting for resources, and need to spend big to replace them. but the experience needed to utilize the resources went with another arm of the octopus.

therefore, (5a): no profit and flounder.

this "unlocking shareholder value" thing is a cloak over the same old pirate uniform.

Comment: well, yeah, but this one's a bad example (Score 1) 216

by swschrad (#46783683) Attached to: Click Like? You May Have Given Up the Right To Sue

see, the bankruptcy discharge for Bad Old GM stated that it was the place to sue for defects in cars made under their watch. New GM is now testing that by petitioning the bankruptcy court to honor that agreement, since a bunch of lawyers are now circling them due to the blood in the water over the funky ignition switches and keylocks.

there is, of course, no Bad Old GM left.

Comment: we've already had rulings that click-through fails (Score 4, Informative) 216

by swschrad (#46783171) Attached to: Click Like? You May Have Given Up the Right To Sue

and this ought to cement it. nobody reads that stuff. not even the lawyers. Microsoft was forced to allow refunds. some other cases ruled that click-through terms may be invalid for some claims. keep on keeping on, and if General Mills wants to waste lawyers generating snarky comments all over the public space, have at it. you will lose face.

Comment: not at those prices, it won't fly off the shelves (Score 1) 194

by swschrad (#46762779) Attached to: How Apple's CarPlay Could Shore Up the Car Stereo Industry

and frankly, in-car entertainment is dangerous. like the other poster said, all I want in there is an amp and speakers with a jack for audio input. the stuff is expensive, too tempting to look away from the road, and between Ford and BMW, is a monster. totally ergo inappropriate. put the frickin' screen in the dash where the speedometer is now, and stop the contortions.

I'd like my 1964 Dodge back. fixable, the controls fall where your hands are, no menus, and no nonsense.

Comment: everybody is overlooking content creation here (Score 1) 107

by swschrad (#46736133) Attached to: The Comcast/TWC Merger Is About Controlling Information

both cablecos are generating programming from scratch, and Comcast bought both NBC's production arm as well as Universal Studios. there may be an overlap in control between TimeWarner Cable and Warner Bros. studios.

this is a BIG deal. cue the "in Soviet Russia" jokes, because they would have more control over what you see worldwide than just the Cyrillic-language channels.

Comment: email admins don't kill people (Score 1) 236

by swschrad (#46736099) Attached to: GM Names Names, Suspends Two Engineers Over Ignition-Switch Safety

my 120,000 or so dslams aren't life or death. the folks one floor above me in 911/E911, now THOSE folks have a sword over their heads.

anybody working with a life-safety part or service, there is no room for half-ass work. clearly the process at GM was shot full of holes and "don't bother me," and they're going to end up answering to the Justice Department.

as it should be.

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