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Comment 8.1 randomly decides to not open or shut down here (Score 1) 448 448

sack 'o' pus updates often don't say whether they are working, don't shut down. I have had to pull the battery out of my laptop to be able to eat supper or go to bed so many times the gold is probably rubbed off the contacts. there is no excuse for hijacking the computer and not saying a damn thing about it, Softies....

Comment you can crack anything with about 5 mins thought (Score 1) 26 26

doesn't mean in most cases you will get to anything interesting. unless there are open computers glaring at you in cubes, all today's valuables are in servers in the cloud. and you might get snagged in the hallway and get a Karma thrashing... dragged to a conference room and put on The Recovery From Hell.

Comment bah. we have a right to know who wants to hide (Score 1) 51 51

that's what "data wants to be free like beer" is all about.

used to be it took old spies and retired cops with shelves full of criss-cross phone books to do skip tracing. find the lost siblings from adoption background checks before hiring people claiming to be old spies and retired cops. that's the Internet's job now.

don't break it.

Comment Dear Mr. America: (Score 1) 139 139

We here at DaWeb are reporting a consistent national power attempting to eavesdrop on data moving across our network. we first noticed this when data was delayed and the far end detected stateful detection and attempts to break encryption. there is now evidence the command structure of this nation has been discussing requiring this activity.

this is obviously state terrorism and we demand to be protected from it.



PS: these weasels identify themselves with three-letter names.

Comment I killed three networks, but that was planned. (Score 2) 377 377

obsolescence, I got the task to shut 'em down. I also forced a worldwide recall of PC card disk drives in the switches that were the backbone of the Internet when we kept the vendor engineering on the phone all day for a failed switch... and read the duty cycle of the drives to them, like 5 minutes a shot, 10 minutes an hour, when they were running read/write continuously.

but I got a haircut indeed when we had to get out stuff out of a colocate that was shutting down. built a mirror data system for that in the new place, had the trunks up, costed over the traffic. then it was time to demanage and power down the old shelf. telcordia assigned a code to the new unit that was one letter different than the old one.

the good news is I got the new one back up in 20 minutes and they didn't stake me out over an anthill.

Comment Prior Art Exists (tm) ... (Score 1) 97 97

each armed services band has filmed both the national anthem and American the Beautiful as sign-on /sign-off video for TV stations since the 1950s. those freebie films were sent gratis to all licensed stations. anybody who wants to fight need just get some copies of those promos and authenticate their release dates through the public affairs group of each service.

Comment one rusty pickup truck. (Score 1) 128 128

one rusty pickup truck with a plow mount and a bed full of old crystallized dynamite has a very good chance of taking down any nuclear facility. if they can smash the first chain-link fence, chances are very high they'll git 'r dun.

a night watchman rattling doors is not going to stop them. even if he's at the video guard desk, he can't.

and the whole security chain knows this. just saying...

Comment WSJ article: Dear Mr. Journal: (Score 3, Funny) 230 230

here's how the AI machine got to "I have no time for a philosophical argument." --


there is not a testy machine here. there is a testy programmer. the crash-out value is always "I have no time for a philosophical argument." no matter what you type into the box. period.

and yet, the code was smarter than you...

If it is a Miracle, any sort of evidence will answer, but if it is a Fact, proof is necessary. -- Samuel Clemens