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Comment you can't trust Windows Update any more. (Score 1) 210

whatever crap is lying around, evil, benign, or beneficial, rolls out the same way. there is nothing in the description. MS is using misdirection to trick you into installing Win10. these guys are getting as bad as botmasters. auto-updates are turned off on my home machines, and if I can't determine whether something is important, it doesn't get installed.

Comment the chassis units were sold out of bankruptcy (Score 2) 92

I ordered two out of an ad in Popular Electronics. nice transformers, power supply, lots of good resistors and transistors to salvage. periodically I dip into my parts bins, and if I don't have a new resistor, I go back to the pulls from Cartrivison. often have the half-watt value, and none have tested out of tolerance. put the power supply section of my first into a cabinet, 3-voltage adjustable supply, and used that on the bench for years. had to sell it to get through my second college run and career change.

Comment babies catch on before you know it (Score 1) 218

in my wife's day care, before babies are out of diapers and into complete sentences, they are already cognizant about the basics... swipe, point, scroll, point, point, point... and OMFG it's Amazon or eBay and they are buying a used BMW!

you are perhaps saying citizens of India are behind babies that can barely walk?

really, all you have to do is put a tablet on the projector, run one app, and hand the things out. like all of us in 1983/4, we'll learn the rest.

"Confound these ancestors.... They've stolen our best ideas!" - Ben Jonson