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Comment: it's there, if you search enough (Score 1) 212

by swschrad (#49472337) Attached to: Legislation Would Force Radio Stations To Pay Royalties

1) if you play music beyond personal enjoyment, which license is inherent in "buying a record," you need to license the play with ASCAP or BMI as appropriate for the song. scale varies depending on audience size; there are deals for radio stations and web usage.

2) if you wish to license the songs for playing in your own band for public performance, there is a set rate.

3) if you would like a custom album or CD for a special occasion, you need to license master usage from the Harry Fox Agency. I thought about it for my wedding music, but looked north of $60 a copy. nope.

4) if by chance you wanted any artwork used on the original album, you would have to negotiate that with the art owner, typically the record company.

this is why all the record outfits have "special services" departments. correlate it all, make the package, one stop, one check.

Comment: Congresscritter Blithering I.Diot (Score 1) 212

by swschrad (#49472291) Attached to: Legislation Would Force Radio Stations To Pay Royalties

since the late 40s, ASCAP has required licenses for airplay, and the broadcasters created their own licensing agency, BMI in the 50s. when I was growing up a broadcast brat, the music director weeded out incoming discs that were not of those two organizations (CAPAC in Canada later reached a deal with ASCAP to collect their royalties), and counted up the needle drops. nickle a drop in those days, it was raised to 7 cents a play in the 70s. stations cut their check every month to the agencies.

in the past dozen-odd years, BMI in particular has been putting boots on the ground, checking restaurants, coffee shops, doctors offices, whatever to see if they had a reuse license for music. if you had Muzak or 3M service, they walked out. if not, and you didn't have a license, it was mafia time... sign a contract right there, or you're sued. it applies whether you have your own discs or tapes, or are playing the radio.

recently outfits have been putting up their own music streams across their chains... "Subway radio" "LA Fitness Network" and so on. if the HQs don't have their licenses, as Muzak and 3M arranged, they are up shit crick.

why this bozo congresscritter didn't do any research of his own... oh that's right, their instructions are in the envelope with the cash... well, he's an idiot.

Comment: they aren't bright enough to have a pullback cable (Score 0) 99

by swschrad (#49464493) Attached to: Transforming Robot Gets Stuck In Fukushima Nuclear Reactor

geez, folks, a 1/16 inch steel wire cable along the umbilical would allow the robot herders to pull the clinker back and see what burned up. instead, the Gang That Can't Think Straight just sends haywire crap in and hopes to beat the odds and the physics. this is also a job for a vidicon, tubes, and light bulbs, not solid-state stuff. or considering the heat, an image dissector.

50 years from now, these guys will be repeating the same sophomoric mistakes and shrugging their shoulders.

Comment: Prior Art Exists (tm) (Score 0) 187

by swschrad (#49391209) Attached to: Amazon Moves "Buy Now" Into the Physical World, With the Dash Button

I present... the Easy Button from Staples. let the lawsuits begin.

seriously... think about this... you are doing laundry. you set the 3-year-old inside the washer basket because it keeps the little whirlwind out of the way, she/he cannot fall and get hurt, and besides, you know how messy kids get with chocolate. bored kid looks around, up and down, and hey! -- looky! -- there's a little orange button on the wall that looks like a toy. whack-whack-whack-whack for several minutes until you look up.

how are you going to return three semi loads of Tide Pods?

BAD idea.

You scratch my tape, and I'll scratch yours.